My All True Accounts of my Life as a Sissy Cockwhore For Total Strangers

All True Accounts of Life as a Cockwhore and Cum Addict For Total Strangers

Jasmin seems to have gone AWOL, but I'm leaving her on the roster for now.

TVTinaSwallows is a Sissy gloryhole addict like myself and will be sharing about past activities and her current cum addiction.

For those of you new here, my account is different in origins, but we all end up the same

It started as an assignment from my girlfriend at the time.....

Then My Mistress got serious about my sissy transformation and completing my training as a cum addict. Altering me.

Now on my own and no longer the man I was. Now more a crossdresser with an addiction to pleasuring strange men and a cock and cum fetish. I do it for free. Some day I will take things further.....

signed: SissySlut

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's not to love ?

A wide array of my favorite things in this video.  adult bookstore, gangbanging, getting fucked in the booths area, a good local porn production company, real hard throat fucking, being used by strangers in public, rough hard slut much to love.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bathhouse trip, Jan 2011

an older field report from this cumdump whore.

I arrived in my street clothes and with my gym bag. I took a small room, so I could change and have somewhere to pleasure men if they wanted privacy.  purple thong panties, fishnet stockings, plaid skirt, purple mesh top, then walking around the place to start a long night of being a real cross-dresser slut at *****.  I'm the only gurl in the place and everyone gives me some kind of look.  It is a manly gay setting. I had been a bottom cumslut here several times but it is still all M2M action here.  I move through the darker hallways.  Within 15 minutes an older man groped me in the hallway as I passed and made eye contact.  I stopped and didn't resist his hand up my skirt and over my ass. I rubbed his cock through his towel.  my skirt was lifted and my cock fondled in my panties.  I asked if I could suck his cock.  he lowered his towel and I knelt and sucked him in the hallway.  another toweled man came up and took his cock out next to my face. I put my whore mouth to work on this one too. Then asked which one could fuck my boypussy. I got up and straightened my skirt, then took one man in each hand, and said in a girly voice "come to my room and pump this slut" and lead them to my room.  Once inside my thong was stretched aside and a lubed cock was in my pussy balls-deep in less than a minute.  my mouth worked the other cock.  They did not talk to each other but told me what a cute slut I was and rubbed my smooth body and fucked me.  one had a wedding ring on.  Both men tried to play with my clit, but I dissuaded them.  My cunt was loving it, and my slit was in my sexy panties.  They traded holes and took turns and finished in their rubbers in my cunt after about 20 min. I collected their filled rubbers and up-ended their loads in my slut mouth.  Both had big loads, early in the evening.  The flavor made me flush and get that cum high.  They left.

I laid on the tiny bed with the door open, like a window whore, expect free.  men walked by, I smiled, but didn't masturbate.  A guy walked by three times, then came in. I rolled over on my side and hiked my skirt up to my ass crack. His hand went to my warm wetness and he fingered my cunt. His towel dropped and he presented his cock to my whore mouth.  He fingered my sissy hole more while I sucked him whole.  He thrust hard and gushed in my mouth. I had figured all the finger banging was a prelude to fucking that men think girls like. Maybe he couldn't hold back, no matter. I swallow and sucked hard for more juice. He softened and left me with my skirt hiked up.  I straightened up, tucked my clit back in, left my hole lubed up, and went back in the hallways.

I was solicited again after ten minutes.  Heavy man with a beard, balding, a gut. I would have moved on, but my Mistress has standing and specific orders on my behavior on these assignments.  I do not get to say no.  hands up my skirt. no erection from me though, but that doesn't matter.  I worked my hand inside his towel and found his small erection and I worked it fast and deftly.  his finger went in my wet cunt, then he lead me to his room, closed the door. I lenaned over the bed and slid my skirt up and pulled my thong to the side while he fumbled to put his condom on.  the effort was not working. I knelt and put my lips to his prick and suckled him hard. He applied his condom and I resumed my whore pose for him. He grunted and humped me while playing with my thong and my ass cheeks.  I worked my cunt muscles on his shaft and cooed in fake pleasure from his thrusts. He stopped after a few minutes, perhaps tired.  He wanted to chat. I asked him if he wanted to invite men in and watch them fuck me until he was hard again.  He liked that idea and went in the hall with the door open and I rolled over with my side with my back to the door and my skirt hiked up, on the bed. People talked, and a hand was on my ass and my cunt was fingered, more lube applied, and I groaned in real pleasure as a hared cock went up my hole.  I fucked back on his cock and did my girly "fuck me fuck me" talk.  he got on the bed behind me, spooning, his meat still stretching and pumping my hole, his hands gripping mine and holding me down (black, wedding ring again), I came in my panties and kept humping his cock.  my high was faded with my orgasm, I asked him to blow in my mouth, feed me, I just kept asking as he humped me hard and deep, and for a long time, he was mumbling stuff but I didn't know what it was.  He slid out quickly and I wasn't expecting it.  He told me to kneel. I scrambled to get on my knees and open my whore mouth. Looking up to see the guy finally just as his load spat in my mouth. his jizz was hot and thick.  I sucked the head to get more, my clit stiff in my wet panties again.  the heavy guy was jerking himself fast. He stepped up and I put my open mouth at the head of his cock. He took more time yet, but shot his thin long stream of cum in my mouth. the smell and taste of cum filled me. I had my fingers up my wet cunt.   when we settled down I excused myself to take a break in my room.  I put my large acrylic buttplug in my hole and napped some.

11 men fucked my pussy.   no young guys or hunks or jocks or queers, all older, always in a room, most married (ring, or tanline on wedding finger) which kinda made me hornier even though it is wrong.   My hole was aching after the third fuck but stayed about the same all night, and I loved the slight swelling my hole had, like a real pussy, and when I could reach back and pull my cheeks apart and feel my hole pop open and ready.    I shot two loads of my juice in my panties that I licked up.  I left dressed up. I was hoping to be solicited on the street, like a real cumdump hooker. Nobody was around though.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb 5, 2011, Hollywood Video ABS booth trip report

Denim skirt, leopard print panties, black knee stockings, ruffle top, some make-up but no wig.   trying to pull off the short hair sissy look, but more just pulling off the crossdressing faggot for cock look. I show up at noon.  Hoping the day before Superbowl will have guys stopping by to bust a nut and drain their balls while on their errands.   I buy some lube and arcade tokens, again making it obvious to the staff and the two guys in the store that I'm not just there to jerk off in my panties watching porn, or just there to suck cock, I'm there to let men use my hole to get off. My lubed hole will be available in the booths.

One store guy follows me in the booth area.  Seems darker but the day was nice and bright out. A hand is placed on my ass, I respond by groping for his crotch.  He's in loose track pants and briefs, his cock partly hard already. I reach inside his loose clothes and put my hand around the shaft and start pumping his cock, right there in the hallway. Understand that no action happens in the hallway. The staff can watch it on their camera, record it, throw you out for breaking the law like this.  three other guys are in the hallway watching, touching the front of their jeans, or coming a little closer to watch.  My clit was stiff in my panties.  I got a hold of my urges (my urge to kneel and start sucking cocks in public there) and asked in a soft  girlie voice if someone could join me in a booth.  The one next to me was free and we stepped inside.  the track pants guy, the one from the store, and another guy from the hallway in a leather jacket and mustache.   The jacket guy was closing the door, but I asked him to leave it ajar. Perhaps he thought I was afraid of being raped. I was just hoping more men would wander in and join the gangrape I was twitching and hard for.  I got on my knees with my skirt hiked up to show off my panties and my cute ass and cocks came out for me to suck and stroke.   The video someone selected to play in the booth was a gangbang porn, well into it.  I was in the first part of the scene, where the slut is on her knees and fluffing everyone hard, tasting all the different cock flavors, eating the precum, seeing who could really get it up.  Unlike porn, guys in real life in a gangbang often can't get hard enough to use a tight pussy.  

track pants guy was hard, and small hung.  The latino from the store was rubbery but getting harder, mustache guy was uncut, hung, and hard.  My cunt twitched against my thong.  I wanted his meat in me making me cum.  I pulled a condom from my skirt pocket and handed it up to him while I sucked the other two more and fished out a bottle of lube I had already brought along (I didn't need to buy new stuff, I had some with, but I go through a lot of it and can always use more).    I got up and grabbed the chair and handed the lube up to mustache guy and then pulled my thong to the side.  The wet juice was applied to my tight cunt, then the head was pressed in.  I moaned and purred like a slut.  Glad my cunt training was working nice and I didn't need men to pace themselves when they needed a pussy to fuck.  I told him to go balls deep please, dick this slut good.  I turned my head and had a cock placed in my mouth.  I breathed through my nose deep and felt the high coming over me, the floating, my world reduced to the shaft in my hole, and the cock in my mouth, my skirt raised up and out of the way, except as leverage or a handhold on this slut.

The small cock in my mouth was shooting cum.  My attention focused in on the hot squirting goo.  The taste was strong.  long ago I would have thought it unpleasant, but this is my drug now, and I chug and gulp  and suck like mad for it.  a small thick load.  My craving is strong still.  The cock in my cunt feels fantastic, my orgasm building.  Another cock is in my mouth now, the bigger latino guy, a bit harder.  His hand on the back of my head and his cock is pressed down my throat.  I'm high now and I don't choke on dick.  He loves it and gets hornier and talks nasty to his cock-eating bitch.   The sissy boy dressing up like a girl and sucking cock.  his free hand grabs my stiff clit in my panties and squeezes hard.   I whimper around his cock, but don't choke.  My cunt clenches from the pain and the cock in my ass feels bigger. I hear both men approve and it's done again to me.  My orgasm is long gone now and I have to settle in to being a service sissy and knowing the men and enjoying me.

Some spanking is mixed in with the clit grabs. Their both doing it now and getting their kicks. It's making their cocks hard, so I'm happy. I moan more and let them know it's all good.  They both get off with their cocks buried in me, not together, but pretty close.  I've wet my panties some in the process, but didn't orgasm.  I look to my other side and see someone new putting a condom on while the guy in my cunt is doing his last "oh yeah" thrusts.  Then a brief moment of emptiness. Then some other stranger's cock is sliding in my wet cunt.  not as big, he is humping his full length in my hole in a short time, while I coo and tell him in my sissy voice how much my pussy loves it. He pulls my thong more to the side, stretching it out, and pulls my ass cheeks wide apart. He has a great view of my filled hole taking his cock.  That gets him horny and he's already going into his "oh oh oh..." I use my trained slut muscles in my hole to pulse and massage his meat, in service to cock. Then he is sliding out. I make sure this time to turn and get on my knees to take his filled condom off, then tip the hot scum in my mouth. 

and then, I'm alone in the booth, porn still playing.  I re-arrange my outfit some, but leave the skirt up high so my crack shows, and walk the hallway some more.  I'm fondled and fucked for the next two hours there.   All solo men from that point, but they all start with getting sucked, then I'm taking it in the cunt.  4 more men enjoy using me.  The last man was perhaps surprised when I humped and ground my cunt on his stiff cock and begged him to shoot his load.  Perhaps he thought he was going to spend more time edging himself in the booths, or have a nice long slow fuck with this sissy, but I was high for cock and my cunt wanted to feel his dick pulsing.  He was holding still and trying to edge and I was milking his meat with my awesome pussy and making it shoot for me. I did cum in my panties that time, a deep cunt orgasm, spraying a huge glob in my panties and a wet spot on the front of my skirt. 

I was happy walking out with that cream mark , and some wetness on my inner thigh, and on my stockings.