My All True Accounts of my Life as a Sissy Cockwhore For Total Strangers

All True Accounts of Life as a Cockwhore and Cum Addict For Total Strangers

Jasmin seems to have gone AWOL, but I'm leaving her on the roster for now.

TVTinaSwallows is a Sissy gloryhole addict like myself and will be sharing about past activities and her current cum addiction.

For those of you new here, my account is different in origins, but we all end up the same

It started as an assignment from my girlfriend at the time.....

Then My Mistress got serious about my sissy transformation and completing my training as a cum addict. Altering me.

Now on my own and no longer the man I was. Now more a crossdresser with an addiction to pleasuring strange men and a cock and cum fetish. I do it for free. Some day I will take things further.....

signed: SissySlut

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Being Some Man's Bitch

So I'm a full-time sissy. Girly undies, no men's underwear anymore. painted toes, wigs, skirts, lip gloss, perfume, dresses, stockings. I spend most of my free time in adult book store video booths and porn theaters or public bathrooms trying to be slutty and appealing to anonymous men so they will let me suck their cocks, and bend me over and fuck me in the cunt, and use me until they are finished and reward me with hot cum. Then leave me and I go back to offering myself to other strangers.

Perhaps the long-term sissy lifestyle has altered me me more. I don't get to call myself straight anymore. Someone that shops in the intimates section and picks pretty things to wear for the men to see while they ram me with their meat isn't straight. I've sucked cock all my life but haven't ever wanted a boyfriend. Really, I still don't. But I have been wondering about becoming a man's owned bitch.

I think I'd like home to pull up at my place in his car or truck. I would come out all properly dressed as a real whore. I'd hop in the passenger side and ask how he's doing. He probably wouldn't care for much small talk like that, but an airhead like me wouldn't get that. He'd flip my skirt up to see what panties I had on that day, then tell me to hike my skirt up more to show off. He'd fondle the smooth lacy material and my smooth skin, and look me over. He'd open his pants and take his cock out. Tell me to get sucking. I'd gladly lean over and go to town on his cock while he drives us for a date. He doesn't know my real name, and it doesn't matter. He picks out my slut name that I'm to use and answer to.

For us, a date is *always* some anonymous sex venue. A porn shop, a cruisy parking lot, a porn theater, or somewhere people are hoping for a full-service slut. He would be a regular in such places. Years of his own experienced life spent in seedy dirty places. Mostly jacking off to porn and hoping some slut would visit that day. NEVER giving head or touching other guys' cocks though. Daddy uses sluts like me, he doesn't play with dick. He is as straight as guys i those places are. He pretends the sluts are girls that he pumps and fucks. He could be married with a family, but I wouldn't care. I would be his fantasy as well as he mine. His popularity with the patrons and staff would be great as he would show up with a cute sissy faggot to share around.

Some days he would just take me to a private locking booth and enjoy my mouth and pussy until he seeded my hole and that would be his whole date. I'd have to suck him clean and get dressed again and he would just drop me off at home and be back to his regular life, leaving me with his load running out my hole and still aching for more fucking. Other dates we would go from shop to theater to store and he would give me to the staff everywhere. Hoping for discounts or considerations or even tips while I would be in the back rooms being a full-service whore for them. Other times he would want to see me completely used, taking my top and skirt from me and putting me in the back row, or video booth or at the gloryhole and watching. Making sure I let every guy there do whatever they wanted. Occasionally taking his own turn. Sometimes putting me to work for the men while he wanders off to fuck another slut that might be there. He isn't loyal to me. I'd suck his cock after he screwed other cumsluts.

Sometimes when I get in the car I and told to put on a blindfold (and maybe earplugs) and I have no idea where I am being taken or who is using me.

His best features would be he treats me how I deserve, and his big cock. He might be older or out of shape or nothing much to look at, but his always stiff hard cock demand my devotion.

Some date nights I might come out to see some other car there and someone else driving. I wouldn't get a say in such matters. If he loans me out or trades me then that's what I'm there for. I get in and treat my date to whatever he wants. He hands out cards to guys that use me so they can contact him directly if they are interested in borrowing me for their private sexual needs. He would take pictures and video of me as a sissy cunt to post on websites or share with others.

When he inevitably tires of degrading and whoring me he makes some inquiries, does a short verification of the man's relevant credential (he's hung large and likes using sissy cockwhores) and then I'm transferred to my next Daddy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Like Being There

Even with the low quality I love this video. For many reasons

  1. This is a real theater slut servicing obviously lucky total strangers, not actors. The guys don't undress, but just open their pants to get their cock sucked off. Just like men use me in the booths and theaters. The slut is exposed and used, the guys remain anonymous. They watch, take their turn, watch more, leave, come back to use you again.
  2. Her husband is filming her doing this. Perhaps she doesn't like it that much, but she does this to entertain him. Or she is a cock addict and he is making the best of it. Further, he posts the video online so thousands more strangers can watch her suck off strangers in a dirty theater. She is well lit and easily recognized. Perhaps friends or coworkers or relatives or family have already seen her online now and know she is a degraded open mouth whore. Perhaps some have started using her like this in her regular life, as she can't deny the kind of slut she is. The men probably know that the guy filming is her husband.
  3. Nobody is turned away. She has several such segments posted and every cock shoved at her is serviced. Most all reward her with cum, which she obviously wants very very badly
  4. In the lighting you can see just how seedy and run down a porn theater is and what kind of cock addict you have to be to go and expose yourself in such a place and engage in sex with strangers.
  5. In the final pull back you can see a typical back row of a porn theater floor. With tissue, from guys that have wiped themselves after jerking off, or wiped their cocks' after letting a theater whore slobber and suck their cock. Wet patches of freshly spilled cum from other patrons, discarded condoms from other sluts like me that have bent over and taken it up the cunt. Like me, a slut kneeling in that slippery sticky mess. The smell of cum everywhere. Sticky all over from cum and spit from men and the floor

have u had an asian lad ?

Not as many as white, black and hispanic men, but I would say 30 to 50 asian guys have used me for our mutual fun. Mostly oral. A lot of them wish to reciprocate and play with my clit, but that is not something I am accepting of. They also often love to pull out and shoot it over my face.

I did have this hot asian guy unload in my mouth, then hold me on his cock while he let his hot piss go, making me swallow it all. I thought I was going to drown from it, swallowing it to not choke, and then it was over just as fast. I felt like such a whore then. Tasting his piss and smelling it, and knowing I had just let him use me as his toilet. He hadn't asked, but I doubt I would have refused.

I really don't know what I would say no to at this point.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clerk Whore

So I was molested pretty much on arrival yesterday. The usual clerk just following me into the booth area, and me being his slut in a private booth while the other clerk watched the desk. He didn't take long in my slut mouth before telling me bend over and drop my panties. My trained cunt took him in pretty easily with the little lube I had managed to get on his meat. He hadn't even bothered lubing himself. Figuring my spit on his dick was plenty for a whore. He edged himself a few times in my cunt, then withdrew from my cunt. I knelt before his dick with mouth open for him to fuck or shoot into. He thrust his dick in my mouth and gripped my head and put his cock into my throat. I gagged at the speed he went in but stayed in place. He didn't shoot down my throat but took several hard pumps in my mouth, then started unloading his cum. My slit twitched while his jizz kept pumping and I swirled it and slowly swallowed.

He left. I hadn't seen any guys loitering in the hall and wondered if this afternoon would be a slow day for for this cumslut. I fed the machine some tokens for porn to play, although I doubt the clerks were going to harass me about it. I figured guys would like some porn to watch while fucking their fake girl slut. Then in walks the other clerk working that day. Older and overweight, but my deal is staff gets to use me how they like. He stands a there a bit unsure. I kneel down and fondle the bulge in his pants, letting my skirt ride up and show my thong panties and smooth ass. I open his pants and take his half hard cock out and proceed to suck cock. He's uncut unlike most white guys his age. I'm happy to feel him get rigid. some older or heavier guys can't get a real erection. He stroke my wigs while I work up a good oral service. As per my standing orders I stop to ask him if he wants to fuck me in my cunt. He doesn't talk and puts his cock back in my mouth. I suck him for a while longer, then feel him stiffen and pump his thick cum in my mouth. I swallow it all easily and suck his softening cock. When I stand up he fondles and gropes my ass, so I present my bottom to him to enjoy. He plays with my thong and rubs my wet hole some, then he leaves.

It took another half hour of waiting but a hung white guy came by later and with some seducing and some sucking he took the offer and pumped my cunt until he came.

I hadn't cum, but it was slow that day,and I liked that more staff were making use of their whore.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sissy Self Facial

As long time readers of my blog will know, part of my transformation to a sissy cockwhore was my Mistress forbidding me the release of masturbation. This denial was part of helping me reach some of our mutual sissy goals for me: Achieving sexual release from men using their cocks in me. I still stick with my injunction, as I'm managing to orgasm from cock in my pussy and throat, and my need for release is all a part of my further addiction to anonymous cocks and cum loads. So hot to cum for real with a man grunting and pumping his pole in you. I am also enjoying the surprise and enjoyment the men are taking in seeing me cum for real from them fucking me, or throat gagging me. Seeing my cums soaking out through the front of my panties, or shooting it on myself while I'm servicing them.

Still, if I am to stroke me clit in the future for release, I think it will have to be in this manner. Fully sissy dressed, sucking myself, and eating my hot cum load at the end, straight from the tip to my face. Sissy self facial seems so desperate and faggy that this would be how I would have to let this back in.

Self Facial brought to you by Tube8

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Admire Gals that take a tour of duty at the booths

and I just love the huge black cock she is handling. and with the wedding ring showing, her husband probably video taping it for her, then posting it online!


and a hot bareback cum load dumped in her slut hole....then doing the correct move, dropping to her knees to clean the spunk off they wet cock...perfect whore. She just needs to increase the number of men she services on each trip.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept 6, 2011. Hollywood Video Booth Duty

Bare legs, sandals, short denim skirt, pink thong panties, thin white midriff t-shirt, new black bra showing through, lipstick, blonde wig, eye makeup.    I was happy to see the same clerk as usual there, but he had some younger new girl working along with him. I purchased some tokens, and some lube while some guys in the magazine section looked me over.   My pink thong showing out the top of my skirt.

In the booth area I noticed some men loitering by one door, one of the gloryhole booth doors, rubbing themselves and turning to look me over.   Another cum junkie was here today I guessed, putting out for strangers in the slut booths.  Taking it good while other guys watched.  The clerk appeared at my side and put his hand up the back of my skirt.  I let him lift it and expose me in the hallway.  He directed me into the first booth and closed and locked the door. I was glad he left the new girl to watch the store, and was not bothered about her knowing what he was doing. He obviously followed right after me and she would have seen me having my skirt lifted, seen my ass with the thong,  and him taking me into a booth.

I turned and got to my knees while he pulled his cock out and fed it to me.  I practiced looking up at him while I serviced his cock.   He used his phone to take pics of me sucking his cock.   I wondered who he shares them with.  Whether some men here come to find me here after seeing pics of me as a sissy cocksucker.  He rode my mouth for a while before pulling out.  I turned and presented my ass to him and handed him the lube, then braced holding the chair.  I pulled down my thong and navigated his pole up my cunt with ease.   I was grinding my slut hole on his meat and panting like a sissy for cock.  He spanked me and told me to slow down and let him do what he liked.  He was going to take his time.   I settled in for a long pumping. I shot a load of cream at some point, saw it splash my feet while I stayed still and kept my hole open for cock.  He finally withdrew, still extremely hard.  I got back on my knees.  Men that pull out all horny and hard want a slut back on her knees for his cum.  I opened my mouth like a good slut and he jerked his cock and busted his nut in my mouth and some on my face.  I swirled his load, feeling it, smelling it. His wet cock came for my mouth and I swallowed his spunk to make room and to get to work cleaning his cock with my whore mouth.  

He left and the door remained open.  Another guy came in.  older black guy. I had sucked him off before and he stepped up and fed his meat in my wet mouth.   my pussy was wet and feeling nice and the warmth of hot cum in my throat was heaven.   He was telling me what a nice slut I was. I was distracted by my cum revelry and focused back on looking at him and eating his dick. He took his time, then spunked my mouth.  My jaw was aching from his bigger cock but his thick cum was awesome.  He was probably not getting enough fluids, but it made his cum creamy. Even tasting cigarettes in his cum was fine with me.  Him grunting and forcing his way down my throat after he came was great.  His sweaty balls slapping me.    Him telling me to keep sucking and swallowing.   He pulled out and told me I was a good slut, and needed to be there more often.

When he left and the door ajar I took some time to feed the machine some tokens and put on some gangbang porn for the guys to enjoy.   I spent the next two hours in that booth.  I never saw who was in the other booth that had the activity earlier.   Guys would visit me though and I would taste lube and ass on their cock, or they were sticky, perhaps from spit, and already hard.   The guys were taking turns with us, sampling the whores.  Saving themselves and enjoying their time screwing two faggots.   I could tell a cock that was from the other slut's ass since the lube was flavored.  I sent other men out with after riding my cunt, with  a hardon, probably going to stuff it right up that other slut.  Us both eager to feel them grunt and unload in us.

It was a nice evening.  The clerk pumped a load in my ass an hour after I first sucked him off.  I also walked the store some, my skirt riding up enough to show my ass cheeks.  Trying to lure more men to come in the booths and fuck me.

I was fucked ten times, some were repeats, like the clerk. Enjoying the porn and the sluts.  I ate 5 loads of cum.  most were big loads, late in the session.   Guys that had been edging themselves in whore holes and large loads built up.  They loved gagging my throat, they liked that I would push my own throat down on their cock after they had already skull fucked me. They could see that I liked it and wanted it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reading my own blog

A strange time reading my own blog and going through the months and months of my activity.   A stiff clitty in my panties again.  Wondering about the kind of cumwhore I could end up being.  sliding a condom of a stranger's cock and eating the spunk from it.  Licking his wet dick to get more cock snot.  Having my panties pulled down in the dark and not even looking back while someone presses his meat up my cunt and using me like a fuckslut.  Anyone wanting them to watch, to take a turn....

I'm off to the booths.....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Extended Butt Plug Wear

As a cockwhore I'm always looking to increase the ease with which men can use me for their pleasure.  Part of that is keeping my cunt open like a girlslut is supposed to be.  Particularly for the very hung men that I have an obligation to submit to it is unreasonable to expect them to have to spend ten minutes just opening my hole enough to let them thrust how they prefer. 

So, part of my lifestyle is extended butt plug wear.  usually 2 hours in a day is good.  Larger plugs are more arousing, but also make moving and working normally trickier.  A good day wear plug should be something like the Tantus Severin Anal Plug, medium sized.    Have lube in your purse with you, as you will need to re-apply fresh lube every two hours or so, and have a ziplock bag along for when you are finished wearing and visit the bathroom to free your hole.

A week of regular plug wear and you will be altered enough to make a big difference in your ability to hump and pump your hole down on some anonymous cock. 

It is also healthier for you to have a cock-ready ass to present men.  No tearing, and your cunt will not squeeze up on men.  I start gaping open now after the first few guys. 

Extended wear also lets you feel like a whore during the times you can't be in a cum-smeared booth, licking up spent condoms.