My All True Accounts of my Life as a Sissy Cockwhore For Total Strangers

All True Accounts of Life as a Cockwhore and Cum Addict For Total Strangers

Jasmin seems to have gone AWOL, but I'm leaving her on the roster for now.

TVTinaSwallows is a Sissy gloryhole addict like myself and will be sharing about past activities and her current cum addiction.

For those of you new here, my account is different in origins, but we all end up the same

It started as an assignment from my girlfriend at the time.....

Then My Mistress got serious about my sissy transformation and completing my training as a cum addict. Altering me.

Now on my own and no longer the man I was. Now more a crossdresser with an addiction to pleasuring strange men and a cock and cum fetish. I do it for free. Some day I will take things further.....

signed: SissySlut

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TV Tina Swallows sucks 8 loads inside "The Box"

Hello again, all my sweet followers. I hope that since my last post your cocks have been hard and your pussies have been wet, and that you've had all the multiples you crave or desire.

Last weekend was supposed to be an uneventful one for me. As all of my Tina Swallows readers know, I normally love jumping into the car on weekends and going to a Glory Hole establishment in search of fresh cock and cum somewhere in the Southeast. But last weekend my plan was to stay at home, and catch up with an old friend who has a very, very dependable dick, and loves sharing it with a bisexual blonde transvestite like me.

"J" is a funny guy. I only get to go down on him 5-6 times a year, but when we get together it is an all-out party. But, aside from his beautiful cock, there is one other very distinctive thing about J. He is very, very private. Probably the most private guy I know.

I've tried to get him on, and he just shakes his head. I have no idea what J does for a living, but he says he can't risk being on any websites like that. He also is totally adamant that he can never visit a porn store or anywhere else that has Glory Holes, because if he were seen it would be the end of his world.

I take him at his word on that, and never push the issue. And the only reason I ever got to know J and have sex with him was because we were both at a pretty exclusive party, in a different state than the one he lives in. It was very ritzy, and the only reason I was invited was because this other very elegant TV/TS girl made arrangements for me to attend. (She is a statuesque Brazilian who has had a lot of work done, and who truly has a 12-inch cock, so she almost always gets her way. I had been in a bar with her and lucked into doing a 3-way with her once, and she decided she liked me because I said a bunch of shit she thought was funny. It's one of the luckiest relationships I've had as a TV, and I treasure it.)

So anyway, J called me up and asked if I would be available to perform some "service" last weekend. I tried not to sound too over-the-top excited, but I did instantly say yes. I asked if he had anything specific in mind, and he asked, "Have you ever been in The Box?"

I didn't really know what that meant, but he told me that, "Tina, I know you, and I know you're going to love this."

Of course I was game.

When I got to his place we went straight downstairs to his playroom. It's a really big space and you can't tell it exists from outside the house. The stairway down is hidden in a back bedroom. (Did I mention J is very, very private?) He has a bunch of TV screens down there playing non-stop porn. There's one big one in front of a couch, and there are three beds -- or fuck stations, as J likes to call them -- where you can watch porn. In most homes, this would be a great family room. At J's place it's a sex palace.

And the one new addition to the playroom was indeed a box. A very large wooden box, much more horizontal than vertical, painted black. Perfect for one slutty TV like me to crawl in on her knees and open her mouth at the very prominent and spacious Glory Hole portal in front. I didn't need any explanation from J about what he was expecting me to do.

"I have three other guys coming over," he said. "And they're as private as I am. They want the Glory Hole experience but they don't want to be seen going in and out of the booths at a porn place."

Jay went on to explain that the lights would be dimmed in the downstairs area, so that I couldn't see any of the faces.

"But they'll be able to see you," he said. "Take a look inside. I think you'll be impressed."

Indeed. He opened the rear door to The Box and I quickly saw that the floor had very nice padding. This was going to be easy on my knees. There was soft lighting inside the box, plus a mounted fan in one corner to keep the heat down, and there were vents. And in the other front corner a small camera was mounted.

"We'll get to watch you suck off each of us on a big screen," J said.

What the fuck, I thought. Looks like I'm going to get four loads, and not have to worry about putting any tokens in the slot. And there was even a cup holder inside. "You can put your gin and tonic in there," J said with a wink, knowing that I love to have a light buzz from Bombay gin when I commit to sucking numerous cocks at a Glory Hole. He made me a stiff drink, and took my hand and had it feel his stiffening cock. "My friends will be here soon," he said. "When I go up to let them in I'll put you in the box and latch the back shut. Once you're in, you're in."

I was all in for it, and gave myself a rub. 

"One other thing," he said. "I know you like to take multiple loads at the Glory Holes, and you're definitely going to get them today. All of us are going to want to cum twice. So you'll be in there awhile."

Now I was really ready. I swallowed my drink in a couple of gulps, and told J to make me an extra-big one while I went and took a piss and freshened my makeup. When I returned he handed me the drink and said, "Hurry up and get in. They just drove up."

I crawled in, drink in hand, and shuddered a bit when I heard the door behind me latch shut. It was probably only a couple of minutes, but it seemed like forever before I heard J and his friends come downstairs. They were laughing, and it sounded like the were well into party mode. That made me glad, because I wanted to start sucking as soon as possible. I knew that wish would cum true when a little light on the camera went on, and I heard J say, "OK, so who goes first?"

"We picked numbers on the way over," one of the guys said. "Harry the Horse first, then me, then Dr. Mogambo." They all laughed when that last name was said. The guy continued with, "And you go last, bro, because you've done this before."

And then it began. The room got quiet and the soft light allowed me to see the cock of "Harry the Horse" gliding through the hole. He was flaccid, but still good-sized. Maybe 8 inches. When I took his shaft in hand and started tongue-swirling his knob I heard the other three guys playfully go "Ooooh." That got me rock-hard, because I love performing when I suck dick, and I knew that other three guys were enjoying my show.

Harry's flaccid cock quickly came to life, and made it apparent why he was nicknamed The Horse. While getting erect, that monster stretched out another two inches. I heard him mutter, "Go deep, go really deep," and I took his cock all the way to the back of my throat and swallowed on it, which always drives guys nuts.

The Horse was totally face-fucking me now, and as I kept swallowing on his knob I could tell he was going to cum fast. He let loose with his load, and it was all I could do to not have it blow out my nose. I stayed down on him as long as I could, until he finally withdrew. The other three guys clapped lightly as I looked up at the camera, winked, and licked some cum off my lips.

No. 2 was a lot easier on my throat. He was about 7 inches and thick, and whispered that he wanted me to run my tongue all over his shaft, and make it really wet. We quickly got into a nice rhythm, and when his cock went extra stiff, telling me his load was on the way, he started saying, "Slurp me. Slurp the cock head. Really wet. Slurp it."

That was an easy order to obey, and I was rewarded with a tremendous load. I held it all in my mouth, not swallowing a drop, and then showed it off for the camera, opening wide displaying my cum-slathered tongue. I even gargled and let a little leak onto my chin before slurping it back up.

After swallowing, I took a big hit of gin, in anticipation of what was cumming up next. And my instincts were exactly right, because it turned out that "Dr. Mogambo" was a black guy whose cock lived up to all of my favorite stereotypes about BBCs. He was  just so fucking immense. Not the biggest I've ever had (that honor still belongs to a 16-inch guy who had a suck-fuck with me in Baton Rouge a few years ago), but definitely a contender.
And with a really bloated knob, which I love.

With guys that big, I have to admit that I sometimes don't give great head. My mouth is only so big, my jaws spread apart only so far, and my throat is only so deep. But I will suck the huge ones as best I can, especially when they're black. I love the fact that some people still think it's taboo for a white girl like me to be sucking black cock. When I'm at Glory Holes, especially here in the Southeast, I always make a point of coming out of my booth right after I've sucked off a black guy, just so I can see the looks on other customers' faces when they look at me and know I've just drained a horse cock. It is a huge turn-on.

And so was this guy's dick. I sucked on each of his balls individually, but there was no way I could get both of them in my mouth at the same time. It took me awhile to get him mega-hard, but after a lot of tongue-swirling and tongue-flicking on the underside of his cock head I learned what he liked and he started to really stiffen. He started pumping my face and I took it as deep as he could. It was almost a relief when he pulled out of my mouth and said, "Open wide, I'm going to jack it on you."

When the ropes of cum started flying through the Glory Hole I made a point of having them blast the side of my face that was to the camera. I knew my makeup was going to look like shit, but that's part of the deal when you're putting on a performance as a cum slut. When the good "doctor" was done I turned fully toward the camera, and used my fingers to slide the splattered load onto my lips and into my mouth. I gave the camera my sexiest look and a lot of tongue action as I licked my fingers, and the guys responded with cheers.

Next was J, whom I had sucked many times before. Whenever we get together he makes a point of being ready to deliver the thing I most want from a guy -- three loads.

So I know exactly how to blow him, lightly jacking his shaft with my middle finger and thumb, and keeping up a slow but steady rhythm. He only needed about three minutes before he was ready to launch his load, which always has a really good sweet-and-sour taste. It's like sauce you'd get at a Chinese restaurant. J says he eats a lot of sweets and pineapple, so maybe that's the secret to his tasty cock syrup.

After Jay zipped up he leaned down to the Glory Hole and asked how I was doing. "Great," I said, and he answered, "Yes, you really are." 

But I was far from full, and I knew that in a little bit Round 2 would start. I was trying to think how much time had passed since I sucked off "Harry the Horse" with my first blow job, and it seemed like at least a half-hour. As I sipped my gin I hoped he'd be ready soon.

And he was. Only this time he was in a mood to tease. He kept pulling his hard-on out of my mouth and saying, "Show me how bad you want it, Tina. Show me, you little cum slut." I wanted it plenty bad, and I finally forced my face up as tight as I could against the Glory Hold and opened wide, with my tongue sticking all the way out.

"That's what I want to see," Harry shouted, plunging his cock all the way in and taking me by surprise. I gagged hard, but stayed with it. He teased me that way three or four more times, making me beg and plead to suck his cock, and then ramming it into me without notice. It was incredibly hot, and when he finally came I had that wonderful feeling that only cock-addicted girls fully understand -- that feeling of having been gloriously used.

The No. 2 -- still nameless to me -- had apparently really enjoyed the show I put on with Harry. Because he was jacking his cock and was totally hard and ready to cum when he jammed his dick into the hole seconds after Harry stepped to the side. All he needed in order to cum was a warm mouth to stick it into, and I gladly provided that. I call it being a "cunt face." You're nothing more than a fuck-hole with a tongue, and I loved serving my anonymous lover that way as I took my sixth load of the day. 

Now I was back to my dear Dr. Mogambo. I wondered what he had in store for me this time around. I soon found out when he told me to open wide, and as his monster cock entered my mouth I could tell it was coated with something . . .

Chocolate syrup!

"Yeah, you like that mocha dick, don't you?" said Mogambo. And boy did I. When a cock cums in my mouth I always say it's like eating dessert, and this time that was doubly true. He must have had a jar of Hershey's available, or something like that, because every time I licked his dick clean he'd pull out, and then stick it back in with another sweet coating of chocolate. We played like that for a solid 10 minutes until I heard him say, "Okay, you know the drill." 

I opened wide, positioned my face for the camera, and took another outrageous load of flying cum on my lips and cheek.

By now I was totally in heaven, but also pretty wasted. As anyone who has done it knows, sucking off seven cocks is quite the thrill, but it's also a lot of work. Especially when you're on your knees the whole time, and doing it inside of something called "The Box." I was thankful that J would be next, and that I'd be able to get him off simply by making oral love to his dick, as I had done so many times before. He quickly settled into a groove when I started sucking and jacking him, and his light moaning told me that watching me suck all those other cocks had really turned him on. He let out a big "Uh!" when he spurted his load, and the other three guys broke into loud applause.

Then I heard "Dr. Mogambo" shout "Three cheers for Tina!" And they gave me the "Hip-hip-hooray" treatment while I stuck my tongue through the Glory Hole and displayed some of J's load.

I was pretty sure we were all done, and even though I had savored each of the eight loads I was a little relieved when J leaned down and said, "Okay, I'm going to walk the guys out now. I'll be back in a few minutes to let you out."

He must have sneaked back down as quietly as possible, because it was a surprise when I heard the door being unlatched. I crawled out backwards, and he gave me a big hug when I stood. He led me over to the couch, where he had a fresh drink waiting for me, and then started pushing buttons on the TV's remote control. Up popped a video. Of me. Inside "The Box," sucking cock.

He said, "Let's just watch this and hang out awhile. Because you know I'm always good for three loads."

Monday, July 29, 2013

Peepland Adult Bookstore, Las Vegas. July 26, 2013

On the road again and this time in Las Vegas. Tried out Peepland, as I could see a full parking lot and the completely trashy signs out front making it clear that this is a place for people needing to unload their balls. Very hot weather and I was dressed light. blue thong panties, short heels, micro skirt, stuffed bra and little pink halter top, make-up and the blond wig. The place ended up being more of a gay troll hole in the wall. A bit of a thrill being in such a dive, far from home, and dressed like a whore and finding out how they want to use someone like me.

I bought some lube from the clerk, just one guy in the store area checking out the dildos. I go to the booth area. Four older guys loitering and chatting, most booths have their busy light on. I walk to the guys, up close, say "hi" like a sissy. They smile a little but don't respond. One takes my hi as an invitation and lifts my skirt, checking out my thong and my clit tucked inside. I ask him if he'd like to fuck me, then corrected and asked if they all would fuck me. I turned around and lifted my skirt up. several of them took the opportunity to run their rough hands over my supersmooth ass cheeks. I leaned a little forward, more inviting. My thong was pulled aside and fingers played with my smooth clean boicunt hole. Someone was also looking out their booth now at me being felt up and flicked his booth light on and off a few times. A hand pressed my hip and moved me to the open booth. I went as directed. The guy inside was an old guy naked from the waste down and jacking himself. Watersports porn was playing on the screen, guys pissing on sluts. The booth was large enough for us three, and he closed and locked the door. The guy fondling my ass was a latino guy and he was playing with himself through his pants. I knelt down and helped him open his pants and I took his half-hard uncut cock in my mouth. The taste of dried up precum and spit was there as he got hard. The other guy fed the machine then walked up and stuck his erection in my face as well. I alternated sucking their cocks and stroking them. my clit hard in my panties from the taste and feel of stranger cock.

I was lifted up from my knees. I put my hands up the door and stuck my ass out behind me and remained facing forward as my skirt was lifted and my thong pulled down part way. I handed my lube bottle back to whichever one it was taking his turn behind me. The cool lube then rough fingers were in my cunt, then two, then four, I moaned, then nothing, then hands on my hips and the head of a raw cock at my ass opening, and then I was being fucked. In heels I was a bit high for him and I bent my knees to give him a good angle on my cunt and let himself go for it. The sluts on the screen were gulping piss from cocks and moaning loudly about it. I was mouthing off along with them, fuck my pussy, do me harder, dump your load inside me, make me cum on your fat cock. Then the hard groan from behind me and the slick wetness of a fresh load of cum inside me and orgasming cock. I bucked and moaned and ground my cunt on his pole while he grunted the rest into me, then slid out. I turned and knelt to clean his wet meat. He was not sure what I was doing, but go the gist and held my head while pushing his wet cock in my throat and having me eat my ass and his cum from his cock.

then against the door again, ass out, and the next cock sliding up inside me. Easy for full penetration in on shot and his long slow strokes inside me. He edged himself for a time with pacing, then gave in and bucked and orgasmed. I didn't feel a big gush. I figure he had been stroking off and cumming some already that afternoon. I slid off his cock and turned and knelt to finish my job and he wasted no time putting his spent cock in my mouth. Then holding my head to keep his cock filling my mouth. With all his holding still I guessed what he wanted. His watching watersports porn and now holding me on his spent cock. He wanted me to drain his bladder as well as his balls. I don't know if other sluts do that regularly, or if he was holding me there to make me do it. I didn't struggle but kept eating his cock. The taste of piss started and stopped several times. with me swallowing everything each time. I guess he emptied himself in me when he started getting erect again.

I kept sucking while the first fucker left the booth and left the door open. Another unzipped crotch was at my face and I went back to alternating sucking cocks. Then face forward and ass out for raw cock.

Six men fucked me that afternoon/evening inside there. None wrapped their cocks. Two finished off in my mouth. The guy that drained his bladder down my throat also pissed in my face during one of the times I was getting fucked. The place had that stale cum and piss smell around it when i had come in the booth area. I found my panties that had been removed at some point, wet on the floor, and put them back on. fixed my wig and my bra shape, then headed out. Some guys were in their cars out front and eye-fucked me. I wasn't sure about how vice squads and hookers worked in this town or I would have offered myself for some parking-lot or car-sex use, or take a load in my cunt behind the dumpster.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tina Swallows: Taking it at both ends for truck drivers

Hello again. This is Chapter 2 of the Glory Hole Adventures of Tina Swallows. I hope you saw my introductory post earlier this week, and I look forward to keeping you updated and my latest cock sucking exploits many, many more times.

A little more about me, before I recount my last dizzying trip to a Glory Hole. I am a bisexual transvestite who lives in the Southeast, and I'm pretty much a home body Monday through Thursday. I do give plenty of oral assistance on those nights, with some conditions: Guys have to make an appointment two days ahead of time. No drop-ins. And once they make an appointment, no jacking off or fucking until they cum see me. I want their balls loaded and ready to work overtime. If a guy can't cum at least twice, don't bother calling. And he better be able to go three times if he wants to see me with any regularity.

So what do I do Friday through Sunday? That's when I binge at Glory Holes, all over the Southeast. I usually travel by car, and I usually get my trip started after work on Thursday, unless a really hung and dynamic guy has made a date for that night. There are tons of Glory Holes spread across the Southeast, and not just at porn arcades and sex clubs. They also can be found at parks, truck stops, gas stations and elsewhere. There's even a very upscale mall near me where one of the department stores has a large but seldom-used bathroom in the basement, and there's a hole cut out between two of the stalls. It's almost as if management installed it with only us Glory Hole cock suckers in mind!

But most of my weekend forays are aimed at landing in a porn arcade. Over the years I have developed contacts near almost all of the really good ones, so I usually have another T-girl I can stay with, or a guy who's cock I have sucked repeatedly. If not, I 'm always up for a weekend at a low-budget motel near a porn arcade. I love those places and I typically refer to them as "sex motels," because you can almost always find some horny guy cruising or roaming the parking lot, desperate to run into a horny cock sucker like me.

My last Glory Hole trek was to one of my absolute favorite arcades, DC's Adult Video. It's in Kentucky, in a town called Horse Cave. Yes, Horse Cave. Doesn't that sound like the perfect place to have a Glory Hole hub?

Admission is $20, but once you're in the movies are totally free and you can stay as long as you like, with no hassles from management.

But here's my favorite thing about DC's, which is just off the heavily traveled I-65 Interstate: It's always loaded with truck drivers.

Truck drivers have becum my favorite kind of cock to suck because: They are almost always hung great. (I don't know why, but it's true.) They are on a schedule, so they are there to get sucked off, right now, and not play any games. (I hate guys who let you suck them right up to the point of climax, and then they pull out and go test a tongue in another booth. Assholes.) They tend to cum fast. (Wouldn't you, after spending all day in a truck cab, thinking about how many miles you are away from your next great blow job?) And, being high-protein carnivores who eat a lot of prime beef, they usually deliver big and tasty loads.

DC's is located in a mostly dormant strip mall, where most of the businesses have shut down. It's the only shop that gets a lot of traffic, but that's a good thing. That means the really big parking lot is essentially abandoned, which makes it really easy for truck drivers to pull in their rigs before they pull out their cocks for me.

I try to hit DC's at least once a month, just because the supply of cocks there is so dependable. There are about 20-25 booths, and almost all of them have Glory Holes. Some of the booths have holes on both sides, which is a big thrill for a girl like me, who enjoys being watched while she gobbles truck driver cock. Also, having two holes means that while you're sucking one guy the next one will be getting turned on and hard, and ready to go.

My latest trip to DC's was Sunday night. That's a slow night at many GH's, but not DC's, because so much truck cargo has to arrive on Monday mornings. When I parked the lot had about 16 big rigs there already. I've sucked so much truck driver cock at DC's that the mere sight of a semi gets me hard now. I was out of my car -- fully dressed and wearing a new blonde wig -- and dashing in when one of the rigs flashed its high beams at me. Naturally I stopped, and I was excited to see that a driver I have sucked several times was in the lot. His name is Bernard and the very first time I gave him a blow job he leaned down to the Glory Hole afterward and invited me back to his sleeper cab. I couldn't turn down that offer, and we ended up getting to know each other really well in between me giving him two more blow jobs.

I went over to Bernard's rig and gave him some good-natured shit for not letting me know he was cumming to DC's. He said he was on a short-notice trip and didn't have time to get in touch, but that he was ready for me now. I nodded toward DC's, he climbed down out of the cab and we were on our way. But as we walked he grabbed my ass firmly and said, "I want to do something new tonight." I was pretty sure I knew what he meant, since he had begged to fuck me a couple of times but I always said no, because sucking dick is really what I'm all about.

As it turned out, Bernard had caught me at the right time. At a girl friend's urging, I started wearing tampons to work a couple of weeks ago, and doing so has really awakened my T-girl pussy. The more I do it, the hornier  my snatch gets for cock. And I had pretty much resolved that I was going to let myself get fucked on this trip to DC's, having put a good-sized plug in my TV twat about an hour before.

Bernard said to me: "I really, really want to fuck you while I watch you suck cock." He had a very surprised look on his face when I answered. "I'm all in," I said.

Bernard naturally paid my $20 admission fee, since he was going to get laid like never before. Once the door to the arcade opened we hustled to find an open booth. The place was really packed, which made me even more excited, so we had to check 4-5 doors before we found our spot. Once in, I raised my short black skirt to expose my stiff cock sticking out from a pair of crotchless panties, framed nicely by a black garter belt. I always keep my cock on display. It's just how I am. Then I dropped Bernard's denims in a hurry. He wasn't wearing a belt and he was going commando, which I love. Less shit to mess with.

His fat 8 inches were already semi-hard, and after 30 seconds of sucking he was totally rigid and dying to enter me. That's when I remembered my plug was still in. I got up off my knees, turned my ass to Bernard and spread my cheeks, showing the plug. 

"Would you mind doing the honors?" I asked. He smiled broadly and gently removed it, and as I looked down I saw that my first Glory Hole cock of the night had just offered itself through the portal. It was a standard 6-7 incher, which was cool. I was so instantly horny as I bent over and felt Bernard's cock head probing my gaping fuck hole that I would have sucked any cock that poked through. Bernard, bless him, was entering me slowly while I went to work furiously on the guy next door. I could tell Bernard was going to fuck me slow and smooth, so that he could watch me suck as much dick as possible.

I'm usually a fairly quiet cock sucker, except for when a guy tells me he wants me to take little breaks and talk nasty to him. But this time I couldn't muffle my sounds of appreciation for having a stiff dick in my mouth while I was getting grinded on from behind. I kept moaning softly, over and over, until I felt the cock in my mouth get extra stiff, signaling I would receive my first creamy load of the night within seconds. He was very tasty, but I couldn't wait for him to zip up and leave, so that my mouth could dine on another new cock.

The next two guys were pretty similar, and they both needed only about three minutes apiece to serve me a solid load. I knew that out in the hallway all those truck drivers would notice all the traffic that was going in and out of the booth next to where they had seen a slutty-looking transvestite disappear with her guy. I imagined -- and really hoped -- that a line was forming to get into our adjacent booth.

That seemed to be the case, because the parade of cocks continued with a 7-incher and a really thick uncut 8-incher. Bernard was still fucking me steadily, and pumping me a little harder every time he could tell I was on the verge of taking a load. Each time I took a mouthful of cum and moaned a little louder he grabbed my hips and drove himself all the way in, going balls deep on my hungry ass.

When my sixth dick of the night came poking through the hole I was pretty sure Bernard wouldn't be able to contain himself much longer. This guy was dark chocolate and massively hung. At least 10 inches, with a sensational knob. If he had leaned down and asked to come over and join in the fuck fest I would have said yes in a heartbeat. But he just wanted to be blown, so I went to work on him, letting him bang that monster into my throat while Bernard continued to pound away.

Then Bernard whispered. "That's what I want to see. Let me see you suck that black dick and let the cum drip all over your face." 

I tend to be a greedy cock sucker, and swallow every drop after letting it roll around my tongue. I'm so into the taste of cum and eating it that I often forget how much guys want to see me wear a load on my face. I was glad Bernard had reminded me, because I could tell the pulsing cock in my mouth was going to deliver exactly the kind of payload Bernard wanted to witness. As I sucked on that black cock the guy started to face-fuck me. Bernard also was fucking me harder than ever, so I was really getting a great pounding at both ends.

When a little dab of pre-cum leaked out of the black guy's cock I reached down and grabbed Bernard's balls, urging him deeper in me. He knew that meant the guy's thick load was on the way, and really went for it. I took the black cock in my hand and really jacked it hard and fast while continuing to slurp on that fabulous knob. Finally, his load came leaping out at me, and I aimed the big spurts all around my face, trying to cover every inch as I felt Bernard get his release, too.

He let out a huge groan that I knew everyone in the arcade could hear, which was totally fine with me. When you're as big of a cock-sucking slut as I am you want it known that you do great work.

The black guy kept his cock stuffed through the hole while I cleaned him up, which I really like. After I make a really big cock explode I like to play with it for at least another minute. For me, after-play is as much fun as foreplay. Bernard, meantime, was still humping me lightly, trying to force every possible drop of cum into my now-satiated fuck hole. When the black guy finally left Bernard pulled out slowly, and of course I pivoted around and let him go ass-to-mouth on me. As I got down on my knees to lick him clean I could feel some of his cum gurgling out of my pussy. I reached down and caught some of it with my fingers, and slurped that down too.

When I stood and gave Bernard a cum-swapping kiss he put his arms around me, and had only one thing to say: "Let's go back to my truck cab, take a little break, and then cum back in here and do it all over again." 

And how can a cock-sucking slut resist a line like that?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quick Gloryhole Booth Visit. Jul 16, 2013

Having spent the afternoon at work with my buttplug in, and my clit rubbing against my silk panties all day, I was needing some cock. Hit the ABS on Telegraph about 7PM. In my skinny tight jeans, riding below my panty level, top button undone, small blouse, a little make-up. More of a faggot-boy look than true CD outfit. Just got $10 of tokens and walked into the booth area.

Just one guy loitering in the hallway, several booth lights on, including both sides of the gloryhole I liked (big holes for a slut to service a man good, or back my wet boipussy up to for anonymous fucking). I pushed the door open, not locked. middle-aged white guy standing with his cock poking out of his opened jeans, stroking and and watching interracial porn. The guy in the next booth watching some other porn. The gloryhole not used. I go to my knees in front of him and open my mouth. I leave the door fully open. He stepped up and pulled his pants down some more to his cock was free and set the head of it in my mouth. That first taste is so hot when I finally am at my place and a stranger feeds me cock. musky from being in his underwear all day, the whole head and shaft tasting like precum from his long masturbation and edging, the thick drip of spunk at the piss slit in the head, that extra bit of precum when he gets harder in my mouth. He moves from edging his way in my mouth, then holding my head and face-fucking me balls-deep. He pulls me off his cock at intervals (saving himself) and looks at his wet cock and my gaping whore mouth. I ask him to please fuck me during one of these times. He ignores my request. He does stop and guides me over to the hole, where the the black guy is stroking his cock at the hole. I stand to pull my pants off, in just my silk panties, bend at the waste and present my mouth at the hole.

Fat black cock slides in my mouth. The funky taste of uncut cock, precum/piss flavor, then the taste dried lube on the shaft. I swoon a little as his cock thickness impresses me and more inches push their way in me. I feel the hoped-for hands on my ass, playing with my cute bottom, my panties being pulled down over my ass and my boipussy exposed as he holds my cheeks apart. I gag on cock some and feel spit land on my butt crack, then more...then the head of cock. I reach back to assist in the guidance. Letting the cock in my mouth come free for a moment, bracing my cheek and hand on the wall and pushing my cunt down on his cock. After a few pumps my hole opens and he uses my hole how he likes and I put the black cock back in my mouth.

They play me like a sextoy, a guy is watching in the hall but doesn't join. I take a moment to ask if they would like trade my holes. They just fucked, rested, looked at my wet slut hole, then pumped again. A few harder thrusts and the bare cock in my ass started unloading in my cunt. I twitched and shot my load, hands-free as I had been trained, clenching in his meat in my hole, keeping pace on the cock in my mouth, silently begging him to dump in my mouth right now. With my asscunt vacated I knelt and applied myself to cocksucking. hand and lips and throat mastering their art on his cock. Now rewarded with a thick load of cream. The taste again different, alkaline, runnier near the end of his orgasm, flooding my mouth with hot cum. I moaned in pleasure and felt my cum high as I swallowed it in several small swallows and kept pleasuring his cock. Partly aware of semen running out my ass and dropping to the floor and my panties there. I wanted the cock to keep feeding me cum, but that is just a dream.

When they left another customer took the opposite booth and pushed his cock through without any hesitation. old white guy, grey hair around his small cock. Again the piss taste, and still wet from his going to the bathroom a moment ago. I worked his cock from half to full hard, then rested my face at the hole and held still while he humped and fucked my mouth as hard as he could, his hand dripping and squeezing the base of his cock, then jacking it, then the hot jet of cum in my mouth, painting the inside and running down into my throat.

That was the total use I got yesterday. I stopped by a cruisy aquatic park to see if some cars were there. There was, but not many. cum still running into my panties I went home and used some of my bigger toys for ass training and shot my next load into my own mouth. While lacking the rush of novelty and chemical mixture of a stranger's cum I can still flashback a little with a mouthful of my own cream.


Monday, July 15, 2013

TV Tina Swallows would love to talk about Glory Holes

Hello, everyone. I'm Tina Swallows, and I can't wait to take advantage of this chance to share my Glory Hole experiences with you. I've been fortunate to visit Glory Holes all over the U.S. -- and even a bunch in other countries -- so I have lots of stories to tell.

First, a little about me. I'm a bisexual transvestite who has been visiting GH parlors for more than two decades. The first time I used one, I didn't even know what it was. I had gone into a long-since-closed porn parlor in Santa Rosa (Ca.), just planning to jerk a load late on a Saturday night.

This GH parlor was one of of those where you could open and close access to the hole, by sliding a small wooden door over it, or away from it.  (I almost never see ones like that anymore.) I had just dropped some tokens in and was sliding my pants down when I looked over at the wall and saw the hole sliding open. I was kind of amazed, but also totally intrigued.

Then the guy on the other side wiggled some fingers through, followed quickly by his tongue. I had been sucked off by plenty of guys at that stage of my life (about 20), but I had never received a blow job in this setting.

Needless to say, I instantly became stiff and -- nervously -- approached the hole with my rigid 7 inches totally ready for action. When I inserted my cock it was instant heaven, and I have to admit that I have seldom blown my load so quickly. Or so joyously. As we all know, guys who hang out at Glory Holes sucking a dozen dicks at a time are absolutely the best cock suckers on the face of the planet, because of their experience.

This guy was one of those sensational cum suckers, and he didn't seek any reciprocation. Which was good, because I was so blown away that I barely could remember where my car was parked. I zipped up an left in a stunned state, but as soon as I calmed down I assured myself I would be making many more visits, and searching to see if these amazing holes in the wall existed elsewhere.

For awhile I mostly enjoyed only taking advantage of the thirsty mouths that awaited me on the other side of the wall. I was young and greedy to get as many fabulous blow jobs as I could. Sometimes I would visit a porn parlor in San Francisco or Oakland, get sucked off, then go get a buzz on at a nearby bar or in my car,  and head back as soon as I felt I was ready for Round 2. It wasn't at all unusual for me to hang out and get a third blow job, or even a fourth.

I was really slim, with great legs and a darling bubble butt from doing years of sports, so I had lots of takers. But I soon started cross-dressing more and more, and that's when I suddenly wanted to be the person on the other side of the wall -- the one sucking down load after load.

Whether I'm dressed as a regular-looking guy or as a bombshell blonde in spiked heels and a short leather skirt, I gladly give head to just about anyone who wants it. But when I first started sucking dick on a regular basis I had to be cross-dressed, to get me in the mood. It's just the way I was.

I'd get dressed up and put myself out there. Sometimes I'd get a room at a motel on Polk Street in SF, and do a little street-walking to attract guys. That was incredibly scary at first, but also insanely thrilling. I was never in it to make money, but I always accepted it when guys pulled over and, thinking I was a TV hooker, offered me $25 for a blow job.

There was the obvious danger of running afoul of the law, but my bigger frustration was that sometimes it took way too long to hook up with someone to suck. The second I finished dressing up as a hot slut I wanted to have a thick dick gliding between my lips, and I mean NOW.

That insatiable fervor sent me back to the Glory Holes, where there was almost always a fresh supply of meat walking  in. I've almost always had a very steady regimen when I get in a booth. I'm on my knees the entire time, and I always offer to suck my visitor first. I really prefer to take him through the hole, and not share a booth. His cock is really all I'm interested in 99% of the time, and that's what I want to focus on.

Once I start sucking, I almost always take at least three loads, all the way. There are many times when I take many more, but I very rarely leave without making three guys cum in my mouth. I just don't feel satisfied until that third load of cum dumps on my tongue.

Soon after I started going on a sucking rampage at Bay Area holes I was asked to work for a company that had lots of nationwide business, and some overseas. That's what really opened up my Glory Hole experiences. I began traveling a lot, always taking two suitcases: One with my straight apparel, and one with my TV wardrobe, complete with blonde (always blonde) wig and makeup. Thus equipped and on the move, I began to suck Glory Hole cocks coast-to-coast.

Besides northern and southern California, these are the states where it's most likely that I have sucked your cocks, darlings (in alphabetical order): Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Washington. Also the District of Columbia.

I hope you've enjoyed this introduction, and I look forward to any questions our followers have. You can also check out my stuff at, where I take great pride in my captions for photos of amazingly hung TS babes.

 I'll be back soon with another post. In the meantime . . .

Love, hugs and sucks,