My All True Accounts of my Life as a Sissy Cockwhore For Total Strangers

All True Accounts of Life as a Cockwhore and Cum Addict For Total Strangers

Jasmin seems to have gone AWOL, but I'm leaving her on the roster for now.

TVTinaSwallows is a Sissy gloryhole addict like myself and will be sharing about past activities and her current cum addiction.

For those of you new here, my account is different in origins, but we all end up the same

It started as an assignment from my girlfriend at the time.....

Then My Mistress got serious about my sissy transformation and completing my training as a cum addict. Altering me.

Now on my own and no longer the man I was. Now more a crossdresser with an addiction to pleasuring strange men and a cock and cum fetish. I do it for free. Some day I will take things further.....

signed: SissySlut

Friday, December 28, 2012

When do we get to see a video of you masturbating like a real sissy and licking up after yourself?

Ah, I know. I have to set up a camera and capture myself juicing into my open slut mouth and then post it on a big open public website, then link to it from here...... I also have to post about my trips to the booths this week!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reader Questions

how much cum do you drink each session?

If a place really has nobody there then I commit to staying until I have serviced and drained at least one man. Not getting any cum after making the time to get my fix, and making myself crazy, would be awful. Since I let men use my boipussy and get off I don't always get to drink the hot cum, but most visits it is between three and five loads of cum that I swallow.

how to proper sissy masturebate?

I mostly do not stroke my clit, under directions from my Mistress to stop touching myself and cum like a girl. I fuck myself with a dildo almost every day until my juices run out but it is not like a real orgasm. Once I have a nice puddle of cum I get to lick it up, or I do the legs-over-the-head technique if I just have to rub my clit and I gotta unload, then shoot straight into my mouth.

You really should post more! I loved reading about how you serve real men and cum from the use.

I know! It's like leaving the door open in the booth while sucking strangers off, except thousands get to hear about it and get horny.

Friday, November 9, 2012


A perhaps honest question from a reader. I sort of thought I was a bit transparent in this regard! Of course I want to suck him off well and ease him into a wonderful orgasm and have him come back again for me to keep sucking him off. While I often don't know if guys are repeats, I'm guessing it happens a lot.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lunch Booth Duty. Nov 8th 2012

As mentioned yesterday, Mistress had not been happy with my lack of cock, and my possible relapse from being a sissy cumwhore. I agree that regular cocksucking and cum eating and anal fucking are important to maintaining my state. Dressing up is not enough. I have to be used frequently. I arrived at 11:45 at Secrets on Telegraph. As I had come from work my dress up attire was in the trunk. I took my bag and went in. I bought machine coupons ($10) and made a point to by lube. I had applied my perfume, and I had my thong riding high on my hips out of my low slung jeans. I also winked at the counter guy ;-) I looked the toys over, holding up and hefting the largest dildo they stock, admiring it's girth and weight in my hands. I had a customer and the clerk watching me. I returned it, then smiled and went into the booth area. Two guys were loitering in the hall area. I took the first booth on the left and locked the door. I stripped of my clothes down to my purple thong, then put on my leather miniskirt, bra, pink top, wig. A guy had been watching my through the gloryhole. I stood near him and his hand rubbed my ass and thighs. I put my hand on the opening, signaling he can lay his cock out, while I got on my knees. the floor was clean (I guess from the morning cleaning there). he opened his pants and laid his uncut cock out. I took it in my hand and and slipped his meat into my lips. He swelled up bigger and I took to cocksucking with my natural mindless cock addiction, my clit rigid and my butthole twitching like a horny cunt. He pulled back out and I gave my conditioned inquiry "would you like to fuck me?" He said "yeah". I took my new lube and pulled my skirt up and worked some lube up my hole with my panties pulled down. I turned around and pressed my hole up to the big gloryhole and bent way over to hold the chair. my right hand reaching back to spread my butt cheeks and my finger showing him my hungry wet hole. He dick rubbed along my butt crack. I reached back with the lube to squirt some down my crack and on his cock. He pressed his bare cock to my hole and slid inside me. no discomfort from his large cock. Just the hungry slut. I hadn't expected to be cunt-stuffed within ten minutes of arriving on a lunch shift. He worked my hole good as I met his thrusts and worked my cunt muscles on his shaft, milking his erection and squeezing the precum out of him and into me. The door opened and an older white guy, bald, watched for a little while, rubbing his crotch. I smiled to him, but he didn't come in. I hump his cock and he rewarded me with a grunting and faster pumping. I figure if he was in my booth he would be grabbing my slut hips and pounding his bitch good. Then the warmth and added slickness of hot cum in my ass with his cock while he fucked me through his orgasm. My clit squirting some of my own cum into the panties stretched over it. He slid out and I pushed and gave him a show of his load oozing out of my cunt and down my crack. he withdrew and left. I fingered my wet cunt some and licked my fingers and tasted his cum. All loose and high on cock. I came around to feed the machine some coupons. It was a while before another guy came in the booth for service. Two other guys looked in but were not interested. An overweight guy came in the adjacent booth and looked through at me, then fed the machine some coupons and started masturbating. I got on my knees at the hole and waited to be fed. He didn't take long to step up to the hole and push his cock through. cut, hairy balls, tainted smell of a smoker, I slid my shore mouth down his cock and groaned and twitched from cock. He worked my mouth as he liked for a while, edging himself and stretching his free blowjob out. He declined my obligatory offer to fuck me. He produced a lot of precum, but my throat did not need lubing up to swallow him to the base. My tongue and the roof of my mouth were his pussy to fuck and use. He finally stiffened and FILLED my mouth. I was sucking and swallowing and still having my mouth full of cum. and potent tasting and thick....I held my breath and gulped his spunk. My clit unloaded into my panties, soaking the front, like the string up my crack was wet with the other guys load of cum. I let out a long eager moan as his dick pulsed some more and fed me more of my drug. I had that heady smell of jizz everywhere, and the slick wetness coating my mouth. The cock had left while I was making out with his load. I slid my panties off and brought them to my mouth and sucked the loads from there. I could handle any cock up my cunt when I'm like this. I wished one was fucking me right now, my mouth full of cum and cunt throbbing, my erect clit still stiff and I pushed my bottom up the hole and hoped someone would use me right now. I gave up on that eventually. You come around and then realize your legs have an ache in them and you don't know how long you've been presenting like a bitch in heat for anonymous dogs to take a turn on you. I did suck off one more guy who joined me in my booth, and got another load of cum to swallow. I liked that nobody that took advantage of me denied me my treats. I left and smiled at the clerk, but he hadn't taken advantage. I hadn't been regular enough for them to know my old policy of "the staff can do me as much as they like whenever", but I no longer held myself back from giving that same service to anyone these days.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back to the video booths tomorrow

I've been fucking strangers, but not doing my duty in the video booths. My former Mistress has been disappointed in my slide and requires that I do some serious booth slut service. My cunt and mouth can take strangers for the afternoon.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

More training.

New sissy training material. lay back and let it run it's course. An older one, but something you have to cum while watching to make it stick.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hosting a Pump n Dump Day

Today I'm shaved all smooth again and have my large buttplug in and my daywear lingerie. Cleaning my place, and posting ads on craigslist for guys to stop by and use me. Should be fun day of doing chores in between knocks at the door.


Update: Already had a visitor. Young latino guy, soul patch and baggy jeans and tattoos. He nibbled on my clit through my panties while he fingered my wet hole and played with himself. Then I told him to fuck me. I bent over my pile of laundry of sissy outfits and he fucked my hole bare. He didn't last long and grunted out a big load inside me. It ran out when he pulled out and onto my dirty pantie pile. When he left I spent a little time licking it up and smelling his jizz and flicking my clit. I think I'll leave the undie washing for last today.

Update 2 Hot when I'm on my knees between a guys thighs sucking his cock on the couch and there is a knock at the door. I slide off his cock, not bothering to explain how this all works. slide my skirt back in place and let the next guy in. Lead him to the couch and sit him down then sink back to my knees and put the wet cock back in my mouth. The new guy starts playing my my ass, and fingering my hole while opening his pants and taking his dick out. I switch to his uncut cock and work his dick to get him hard. The spent half an hour tag teaming my cunt. Each one stopping themselves short when they were close to cumming and letting the other guy fuck some more. I never got up off my knees. my panties stayed looped around my knees and my face on the couch while they held my ass spread and fucked me and eventually pumped their loads inside me. I'm guessing the noisy guy was the one that really loaded my hole up with jizz. I'm using my panties as wipe up rags ;-)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Further Training

Found over at Sissy Slut Heather's place. A fellow *active* gloryhole cumslut sissy.

Go put your buttplug in, your panties on, and watch this several times to let it sink in. Stop rubbing your clitty and feel the plug in your ass while you develop your cum addiction.


Saturday, March 31, 2012


Just relinking a good training video for sissies looking to get down this road of cock addiction. Just leave it on while you work, the changing images keep your attention drifting to it and the message is clear.

Sissy Trainer from luckystrike0 on MovieFap.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sissy cockwhore back in the booths

So, a fun early evening. I'll tell about that soon. It left me with a wet loose pussy and still in my cute with thong and camisole undies. I went over to the usual bookstore and paid my $10 to get arcade access and tokens. I took the big first booth that has the gloryhole, then stripped back down to my lingerie. I put my bubble butt up to the big gloryhole and let the guy in the next booth rub my ass and slide my thong aside and work his fingers up my cunt. When he withdrew I got to me knees, expecting a cock to suck, but he was just sitting back. So, another cock sucker it would seem. I fed the machine and waited some.

Then, feeling like the skank I was, I walked out in the hallway, just camisole and thong, and my mostly naked whore self. Two guys loitering, some looks, nothing definite. Then back in my booth, door ajar. Some different guy came in a minute later, notice me in the booth, then came in and closed the door. I got to my knees and opened his pants and took his cock in my mouth. He was long and cut, white, maybe 30, buff. He got hard quick and started pushing down my throat. I obliged and let him throat fuck me. The other slut was at the gloryhole looking for dick, and this guy put his cock in that fag's mouth some. I waited and had my turn being face fucked again, then got up and bent over the chair and slid my thong down. He pumped his finger up my cunt, first one, then two, and pumped me while the fag sucked his cock. He wasn't going to screw me though and his cocksucking was getting him close as he jerked himself. I got back to my knees and he painted my face with his spunk. I licked him clean, then enjoyed the cum on my face while he zipped up and left.

The next guys was a cowboy type. I was on my knees and he pumped my whore mouth while I held his firm ass and pushed my throat down on his meat. my throat and tongue action had him shooting a load in my throat. The swollen cock head stuck in my throat while he grunted. I missed savoring the taste of jizz, but loved the throbbing meat using me fully.

I walked the hallway more, and even the porn videos near the arcade entrance, but there wasn't anyone there to bang this slut properly. I dressed and headed home.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Secret's Video Trip

So Hollywood Video is now part of the Secret's chain. This sissy faggot still has to perform her booth duty to the anonymous men that need a obligated free whore to work the booths and let men ejaculate into her. Plaid skirt (which I've since shortened to appropriate skank levels, exposing my buttock bottoms) black thong panties (pulled above skirt line), knee socks, mary jane shoes, pink blouse (tied off short to expose my thin midriff and my exposed thong), short black hair wig and make-up.

The guy working the desk was nice so I loitered in the store, checking out the porn videos. doing some bending over for the other guys in the store that came through. Maybe the clerk taking a look. The layout has changed some. They also want $10 to go in the booth area. I pay it to get tokens. Yes, paying the establishment to be a free-access whore for other customers. Not even a free slut. I PAY to sniff strangers cocks and have my pussy pumped and get strangers off.

The booth area is changed some. The booths have big gloryholes now. Glory-half-open-walls more like it. I take the first on the left and feed the machine some tokens and pick out some gangbang porn. The adjoining booth is already occupied by a black man taking his pants off and putting tokens in the machine. I kneel and put my face to the hole and he inserts his half-hard cock in my lips. I set to my cock service. my stiff clit tenting up my skirt. I zone out and eat cock.

A guy comes in my booth shortly after (or long after?) and proceeded to rub my exposed ass while I sucked black cock. He took his cock out. uncut thick white meat, with a drop of jizz already white in his piss slit. my usual diet. I went to work alternating from white to black uncut dick meat. Another person came in my booth. I couldn't see him. his hand pulled my thong aside and his wet finger worked into my cunt roughly. It wasn't a good feeling, but I submit to men and how they use me, clumsy or otherwise, and often a finger becomes a real cock, which I crave.

white meat orgasmed first, flooding my whore mouth with cum. I ate it like a starving bitch. As I sucked and swallowed and savored the dick juice from this stranger my bottom was hoisted up to crotch height. I reached back to spread my whore ass and felt the tip of a partially lubed cock pressing it's way up my tight hole. i returned my mouth to the black cock and gave my cunt over to the person I hadn't seen and probably never would. He went in unprotected and raw and humped his full length up inside me then settled in to pumping this slut and watching the porn movie. I stroked and suck the black cock that seemed to be getting no closer to cumming and milked the cock in my cunt. time passed and the whore bounced back and forth on dick. The black cock in my mouth teased me with sporadic hardness and intermittent precum. the stud up my cunt progressed from slow strokes to hard slut pounding and grunting. He meant to use this bitch, dump his load in her, then get on with his evening. This was the evening entertainment for the suckee.

I braced and focused on the meat up my cunt and egged him on to his climax. He obliged and deposited his seed in his booth bitch. the stream ran down my thigh when he withdrew and I knelt to perform my cock-cleaning duties. That was my only look at him. nice looking older white male with a nice thick cut cock. I ate my ass juice and his spunk off his cock and thanked him.

The black cock facing me was hard and ready. I knelt to him and gave my mouth to his meat. He thrust and jerked his cock harder. then wetness, a flood, I swallowed and swallowed. on the second swallow I realized he was letting his piss fly. I held down choking and focused on my duties. I eat cock and cum and when required I suck down hot piss. I went flaccid but kept drinking , not taking my whore mouth from cock. I reminded myself to be thankful for how men use me. If the man up my cunt had pissed in me I'd have taken that too. This is what Mistress had intended for me. a whore to service others and their nasty needs. He finished and dressed again and left while I fingered my cunt and finished off the taste of piss.

I stayed at the hole waiting for another cock. I needed to have my mouth filled with cum again. A younger latino guy visited the hole and I savored his sweaty nutsack and his rigid small cock that pistoned my mouth. When he gushed in my whore mouth the taste was fantastic. better after having to chug a smoker's hot piss, and I felt my clit twitching and I wet myself with my own cum while I sucked the jizz from the new cock.

I sat after and gathered myself. I loitered in the store some and let two guys feel up my ass in the well lit store area. Letting them feel the wetness down my thigh, up to my asscrack. Answering them "yes" when they asked if it was cum running out of me. Then I made my way home again.