My All True Accounts of my Life as a Sissy Cockwhore For Total Strangers

All True Accounts of Life as a Cockwhore and Cum Addict For Total Strangers

Jasmin seems to have gone AWOL, but I'm leaving her on the roster for now.

TVTinaSwallows is a Sissy gloryhole addict like myself and will be sharing about past activities and her current cum addiction.

For those of you new here, my account is different in origins, but we all end up the same

It started as an assignment from my girlfriend at the time.....

Then My Mistress got serious about my sissy transformation and completing my training as a cum addict. Altering me.

Now on my own and no longer the man I was. Now more a crossdresser with an addiction to pleasuring strange men and a cock and cum fetish. I do it for free. Some day I will take things further.....

signed: SissySlut

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spending the afternoon in the video booths

Fishnets, leather skirt, black sheer thong panties, blond wig, pink top.

hwy 24 and telegraph ave. one of the gloryhole booths. Starting around 4PM. I'll stay as long as men are using me.

Friday, November 11, 2011

how old are you and would you consider being a guy's wife so he can film you and play with you?

35. I look young, and younger when done up as a younger slut. I'm not sure anyone would consider me a good wife unless they enjoy seeing their wife with several guys' loads running down my legs every week, or tasting a range of cocks and cumloads whenever you kissed me. I'm not suitable for relationships. I'm the slut you just get to fuck when you need to get off, then ignore after you've finished.

I have let men take pictures and video of me though. I'm sort of hoping someone recognizes me from a porn posted online, or maybe discover myself while surfing amateur porn and tgirl porn.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hollywood Video no more, now part of Secrets Chain

So, I haven't ventured into my usual place to service anonymous men. Hollywood Video is now a Secrets store. I would guess not much has changed. hopefully the same staff are there... we will see.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Being Some Man's Bitch

So I'm a full-time sissy. Girly undies, no men's underwear anymore. painted toes, wigs, skirts, lip gloss, perfume, dresses, stockings. I spend most of my free time in adult book store video booths and porn theaters or public bathrooms trying to be slutty and appealing to anonymous men so they will let me suck their cocks, and bend me over and fuck me in the cunt, and use me until they are finished and reward me with hot cum. Then leave me and I go back to offering myself to other strangers.

Perhaps the long-term sissy lifestyle has altered me me more. I don't get to call myself straight anymore. Someone that shops in the intimates section and picks pretty things to wear for the men to see while they ram me with their meat isn't straight. I've sucked cock all my life but haven't ever wanted a boyfriend. Really, I still don't. But I have been wondering about becoming a man's owned bitch.

I think I'd like home to pull up at my place in his car or truck. I would come out all properly dressed as a real whore. I'd hop in the passenger side and ask how he's doing. He probably wouldn't care for much small talk like that, but an airhead like me wouldn't get that. He'd flip my skirt up to see what panties I had on that day, then tell me to hike my skirt up more to show off. He'd fondle the smooth lacy material and my smooth skin, and look me over. He'd open his pants and take his cock out. Tell me to get sucking. I'd gladly lean over and go to town on his cock while he drives us for a date. He doesn't know my real name, and it doesn't matter. He picks out my slut name that I'm to use and answer to.

For us, a date is *always* some anonymous sex venue. A porn shop, a cruisy parking lot, a porn theater, or somewhere people are hoping for a full-service slut. He would be a regular in such places. Years of his own experienced life spent in seedy dirty places. Mostly jacking off to porn and hoping some slut would visit that day. NEVER giving head or touching other guys' cocks though. Daddy uses sluts like me, he doesn't play with dick. He is as straight as guys i those places are. He pretends the sluts are girls that he pumps and fucks. He could be married with a family, but I wouldn't care. I would be his fantasy as well as he mine. His popularity with the patrons and staff would be great as he would show up with a cute sissy faggot to share around.

Some days he would just take me to a private locking booth and enjoy my mouth and pussy until he seeded my hole and that would be his whole date. I'd have to suck him clean and get dressed again and he would just drop me off at home and be back to his regular life, leaving me with his load running out my hole and still aching for more fucking. Other dates we would go from shop to theater to store and he would give me to the staff everywhere. Hoping for discounts or considerations or even tips while I would be in the back rooms being a full-service whore for them. Other times he would want to see me completely used, taking my top and skirt from me and putting me in the back row, or video booth or at the gloryhole and watching. Making sure I let every guy there do whatever they wanted. Occasionally taking his own turn. Sometimes putting me to work for the men while he wanders off to fuck another slut that might be there. He isn't loyal to me. I'd suck his cock after he screwed other cumsluts.

Sometimes when I get in the car I and told to put on a blindfold (and maybe earplugs) and I have no idea where I am being taken or who is using me.

His best features would be he treats me how I deserve, and his big cock. He might be older or out of shape or nothing much to look at, but his always stiff hard cock demand my devotion.

Some date nights I might come out to see some other car there and someone else driving. I wouldn't get a say in such matters. If he loans me out or trades me then that's what I'm there for. I get in and treat my date to whatever he wants. He hands out cards to guys that use me so they can contact him directly if they are interested in borrowing me for their private sexual needs. He would take pictures and video of me as a sissy cunt to post on websites or share with others.

When he inevitably tires of degrading and whoring me he makes some inquiries, does a short verification of the man's relevant credential (he's hung large and likes using sissy cockwhores) and then I'm transferred to my next Daddy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Like Being There

Even with the low quality I love this video. For many reasons

  1. This is a real theater slut servicing obviously lucky total strangers, not actors. The guys don't undress, but just open their pants to get their cock sucked off. Just like men use me in the booths and theaters. The slut is exposed and used, the guys remain anonymous. They watch, take their turn, watch more, leave, come back to use you again.
  2. Her husband is filming her doing this. Perhaps she doesn't like it that much, but she does this to entertain him. Or she is a cock addict and he is making the best of it. Further, he posts the video online so thousands more strangers can watch her suck off strangers in a dirty theater. She is well lit and easily recognized. Perhaps friends or coworkers or relatives or family have already seen her online now and know she is a degraded open mouth whore. Perhaps some have started using her like this in her regular life, as she can't deny the kind of slut she is. The men probably know that the guy filming is her husband.
  3. Nobody is turned away. She has several such segments posted and every cock shoved at her is serviced. Most all reward her with cum, which she obviously wants very very badly
  4. In the lighting you can see just how seedy and run down a porn theater is and what kind of cock addict you have to be to go and expose yourself in such a place and engage in sex with strangers.
  5. In the final pull back you can see a typical back row of a porn theater floor. With tissue, from guys that have wiped themselves after jerking off, or wiped their cocks' after letting a theater whore slobber and suck their cock. Wet patches of freshly spilled cum from other patrons, discarded condoms from other sluts like me that have bent over and taken it up the cunt. Like me, a slut kneeling in that slippery sticky mess. The smell of cum everywhere. Sticky all over from cum and spit from men and the floor

have u had an asian lad ?

Not as many as white, black and hispanic men, but I would say 30 to 50 asian guys have used me for our mutual fun. Mostly oral. A lot of them wish to reciprocate and play with my clit, but that is not something I am accepting of. They also often love to pull out and shoot it over my face.

I did have this hot asian guy unload in my mouth, then hold me on his cock while he let his hot piss go, making me swallow it all. I thought I was going to drown from it, swallowing it to not choke, and then it was over just as fast. I felt like such a whore then. Tasting his piss and smelling it, and knowing I had just let him use me as his toilet. He hadn't asked, but I doubt I would have refused.

I really don't know what I would say no to at this point.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clerk Whore

So I was molested pretty much on arrival yesterday. The usual clerk just following me into the booth area, and me being his slut in a private booth while the other clerk watched the desk. He didn't take long in my slut mouth before telling me bend over and drop my panties. My trained cunt took him in pretty easily with the little lube I had managed to get on his meat. He hadn't even bothered lubing himself. Figuring my spit on his dick was plenty for a whore. He edged himself a few times in my cunt, then withdrew from my cunt. I knelt before his dick with mouth open for him to fuck or shoot into. He thrust his dick in my mouth and gripped my head and put his cock into my throat. I gagged at the speed he went in but stayed in place. He didn't shoot down my throat but took several hard pumps in my mouth, then started unloading his cum. My slit twitched while his jizz kept pumping and I swirled it and slowly swallowed.

He left. I hadn't seen any guys loitering in the hall and wondered if this afternoon would be a slow day for for this cumslut. I fed the machine some tokens for porn to play, although I doubt the clerks were going to harass me about it. I figured guys would like some porn to watch while fucking their fake girl slut. Then in walks the other clerk working that day. Older and overweight, but my deal is staff gets to use me how they like. He stands a there a bit unsure. I kneel down and fondle the bulge in his pants, letting my skirt ride up and show my thong panties and smooth ass. I open his pants and take his half hard cock out and proceed to suck cock. He's uncut unlike most white guys his age. I'm happy to feel him get rigid. some older or heavier guys can't get a real erection. He stroke my wigs while I work up a good oral service. As per my standing orders I stop to ask him if he wants to fuck me in my cunt. He doesn't talk and puts his cock back in my mouth. I suck him for a while longer, then feel him stiffen and pump his thick cum in my mouth. I swallow it all easily and suck his softening cock. When I stand up he fondles and gropes my ass, so I present my bottom to him to enjoy. He plays with my thong and rubs my wet hole some, then he leaves.

It took another half hour of waiting but a hung white guy came by later and with some seducing and some sucking he took the offer and pumped my cunt until he came.

I hadn't cum, but it was slow that day,and I liked that more staff were making use of their whore.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sissy Self Facial

As long time readers of my blog will know, part of my transformation to a sissy cockwhore was my Mistress forbidding me the release of masturbation. This denial was part of helping me reach some of our mutual sissy goals for me: Achieving sexual release from men using their cocks in me. I still stick with my injunction, as I'm managing to orgasm from cock in my pussy and throat, and my need for release is all a part of my further addiction to anonymous cocks and cum loads. So hot to cum for real with a man grunting and pumping his pole in you. I am also enjoying the surprise and enjoyment the men are taking in seeing me cum for real from them fucking me, or throat gagging me. Seeing my cums soaking out through the front of my panties, or shooting it on myself while I'm servicing them.

Still, if I am to stroke me clit in the future for release, I think it will have to be in this manner. Fully sissy dressed, sucking myself, and eating my hot cum load at the end, straight from the tip to my face. Sissy self facial seems so desperate and faggy that this would be how I would have to let this back in.

Self Facial brought to you by Tube8

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Admire Gals that take a tour of duty at the booths

and I just love the huge black cock she is handling. and with the wedding ring showing, her husband probably video taping it for her, then posting it online!


and a hot bareback cum load dumped in her slut hole....then doing the correct move, dropping to her knees to clean the spunk off they wet cock...perfect whore. She just needs to increase the number of men she services on each trip.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept 6, 2011. Hollywood Video Booth Duty

Bare legs, sandals, short denim skirt, pink thong panties, thin white midriff t-shirt, new black bra showing through, lipstick, blonde wig, eye makeup.    I was happy to see the same clerk as usual there, but he had some younger new girl working along with him. I purchased some tokens, and some lube while some guys in the magazine section looked me over.   My pink thong showing out the top of my skirt.

In the booth area I noticed some men loitering by one door, one of the gloryhole booth doors, rubbing themselves and turning to look me over.   Another cum junkie was here today I guessed, putting out for strangers in the slut booths.  Taking it good while other guys watched.  The clerk appeared at my side and put his hand up the back of my skirt.  I let him lift it and expose me in the hallway.  He directed me into the first booth and closed and locked the door. I was glad he left the new girl to watch the store, and was not bothered about her knowing what he was doing. He obviously followed right after me and she would have seen me having my skirt lifted, seen my ass with the thong,  and him taking me into a booth.

I turned and got to my knees while he pulled his cock out and fed it to me.  I practiced looking up at him while I serviced his cock.   He used his phone to take pics of me sucking his cock.   I wondered who he shares them with.  Whether some men here come to find me here after seeing pics of me as a sissy cocksucker.  He rode my mouth for a while before pulling out.  I turned and presented my ass to him and handed him the lube, then braced holding the chair.  I pulled down my thong and navigated his pole up my cunt with ease.   I was grinding my slut hole on his meat and panting like a sissy for cock.  He spanked me and told me to slow down and let him do what he liked.  He was going to take his time.   I settled in for a long pumping. I shot a load of cream at some point, saw it splash my feet while I stayed still and kept my hole open for cock.  He finally withdrew, still extremely hard.  I got back on my knees.  Men that pull out all horny and hard want a slut back on her knees for his cum.  I opened my mouth like a good slut and he jerked his cock and busted his nut in my mouth and some on my face.  I swirled his load, feeling it, smelling it. His wet cock came for my mouth and I swallowed his spunk to make room and to get to work cleaning his cock with my whore mouth.  

He left and the door remained open.  Another guy came in.  older black guy. I had sucked him off before and he stepped up and fed his meat in my wet mouth.   my pussy was wet and feeling nice and the warmth of hot cum in my throat was heaven.   He was telling me what a nice slut I was. I was distracted by my cum revelry and focused back on looking at him and eating his dick. He took his time, then spunked my mouth.  My jaw was aching from his bigger cock but his thick cum was awesome.  He was probably not getting enough fluids, but it made his cum creamy. Even tasting cigarettes in his cum was fine with me.  Him grunting and forcing his way down my throat after he came was great.  His sweaty balls slapping me.    Him telling me to keep sucking and swallowing.   He pulled out and told me I was a good slut, and needed to be there more often.

When he left and the door ajar I took some time to feed the machine some tokens and put on some gangbang porn for the guys to enjoy.   I spent the next two hours in that booth.  I never saw who was in the other booth that had the activity earlier.   Guys would visit me though and I would taste lube and ass on their cock, or they were sticky, perhaps from spit, and already hard.   The guys were taking turns with us, sampling the whores.  Saving themselves and enjoying their time screwing two faggots.   I could tell a cock that was from the other slut's ass since the lube was flavored.  I sent other men out with after riding my cunt, with  a hardon, probably going to stuff it right up that other slut.  Us both eager to feel them grunt and unload in us.

It was a nice evening.  The clerk pumped a load in my ass an hour after I first sucked him off.  I also walked the store some, my skirt riding up enough to show my ass cheeks.  Trying to lure more men to come in the booths and fuck me.

I was fucked ten times, some were repeats, like the clerk. Enjoying the porn and the sluts.  I ate 5 loads of cum.  most were big loads, late in the session.   Guys that had been edging themselves in whore holes and large loads built up.  They loved gagging my throat, they liked that I would push my own throat down on their cock after they had already skull fucked me. They could see that I liked it and wanted it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reading my own blog

A strange time reading my own blog and going through the months and months of my activity.   A stiff clitty in my panties again.  Wondering about the kind of cumwhore I could end up being.  sliding a condom of a stranger's cock and eating the spunk from it.  Licking his wet dick to get more cock snot.  Having my panties pulled down in the dark and not even looking back while someone presses his meat up my cunt and using me like a fuckslut.  Anyone wanting them to watch, to take a turn....

I'm off to the booths.....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Extended Butt Plug Wear

As a cockwhore I'm always looking to increase the ease with which men can use me for their pleasure.  Part of that is keeping my cunt open like a girlslut is supposed to be.  Particularly for the very hung men that I have an obligation to submit to it is unreasonable to expect them to have to spend ten minutes just opening my hole enough to let them thrust how they prefer. 

So, part of my lifestyle is extended butt plug wear.  usually 2 hours in a day is good.  Larger plugs are more arousing, but also make moving and working normally trickier.  A good day wear plug should be something like the Tantus Severin Anal Plug, medium sized.    Have lube in your purse with you, as you will need to re-apply fresh lube every two hours or so, and have a ziplock bag along for when you are finished wearing and visit the bathroom to free your hole.

A week of regular plug wear and you will be altered enough to make a big difference in your ability to hump and pump your hole down on some anonymous cock. 

It is also healthier for you to have a cock-ready ass to present men.  No tearing, and your cunt will not squeeze up on men.  I start gaping open now after the first few guys. 

Extended wear also lets you feel like a whore during the times you can't be in a cum-smeared booth, licking up spent condoms.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love your log. How can I become a follower?

Someone used "Ask a Cumslut"   !!

first, you join

Then navigate to my blog here, and in the upper left should be an option to "Follow"

and post my blog address on other websites!  or review my blog in other sections,  I get off having more people read about me.

The Cum High

I've mentioned in several posts of mine before, but I've been paying more attention to this state. How it happens ?  am I imagining it ?

The last few weeks I've been letting the cum stay in my mouth for long times, resisting the reflex I've built up to chug and gulp when a cock starts unloading in my mouth.  The study has had me at the video booths long and often.  Excited!  Working on fat cocks, eager for cum.  I've been a little negligent about begging for it in my pussy like I was trained to do for all men.

Something is there for me.  in my head or not, I get a euphoria from spunk.   Holding in my mouth and smelling it longer has more effect.  Perhaps it is just another form of my obsession with cum.  I think there is a chemical in semen that sedates me, perhaps like a very mild roofie. My spine loosens some, like when I take poppers, and my cunt relaxes some more.  I've often had a guy fucking my pussy go from shallow fucking to balls-deep pounding when a guy unloads in my mouth.  Probably feeling my hole pop more open for his shaft.    I also have less track of time.   I also feel a bigger urge to be sluttier, to be exposed.  After eating loads of cum I prefer the booth door left open.  I let guys take pics with their phone.  I leave my skirt off when I walk the hallway.  I AM like this normally, but that calm sense that it's OK to be such a whore

Even now when I arrive for a booth duty session I can be a bit flirty, or coy, or nervous.  Even now, after hundreds of strangers in filthy places.  Once my mouth and throat have been painted with cum, and the high starts, I can't even fake nervousness to get a guy horny.  I have to go full-slut to earn my next fix.

I've also been wondering about sperm swimming back up my throat.  Programmed based on being deposited in a fertile pussy, to swim up that wet semen-soaked hole.  Or what those swimmers are up to when jizz ends up in my nose.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, at least for skinny smooth cockwhore white males like me.....

Embracing my natural state as a smooth fem slut has made my interactions with people so clear and simple and enjoyable.  Other whores befriend me, which I love.  Proper strong women shame me and humiliate me, which gets me aroused.  Men have stopped trying to relate to me and just proceed straight to doing to me what we both know we need.   

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

older cell phone video of me serving cock

This was from before I went full time sissy faggot in the booths.  Just a regular booth bottom whore cumslut. 

Bareback and splashed

my used pussy from a stranger that came over.   I keep it smooth for them to enjoy and make a nice target

Some updates

New status for myself.  And a new feature that lets my readers ask questions that will become posts on the site.  I'm still trolling gloryholes to get my fix a few times a week, and theaters, and going to stranger's homes and apartments to let them use me.

oh, great clip to share!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Booth slut cock service May 10, 2011

I have fallen behind in reporting my cumslut duties in the adult book stores.  I was at Hollywood Video on May 10.  new panties on, a skirt and make-up.  Mistress has also has me wearing perfume now.  It is a light girlie scent.  I purchased lube at the counter, and eyed the clerk.  He had fucked me before in the booths since I've been coming as a dressed up sissy.  I made a kissing face for him and walked into the booth area.  He just came and followed, walked right into the booth with me. I turned and knelt while he took his cock out and I was eating cock already. Once he was very hard he just pulled out and told me to bend over for cock.   I used my lube on his rod and turned to face the wall with my ass stuck out. He flipped my skirt and pulled my panties down partly and pushed his way in slowly all the way, then humped me raw.  I had already decided that staff and owners are privileged men and are free to use this slut however they want, for keeping places like this where I can let strangers use me.

  I held still while he grunted and thrust and shot his load up inside me.   I got to my knees and sucked his meat clean of his cum and lube.   A cock was hanging in the hole and I started sucking while the clerk left me to my duties.  Another guy came in after the clerk left and stroked himself watching me suck at the hole. He fed the machine some more tokens.  I stood up while bent over still sucking, my skirt still lifted, my panties down and cum dripped in them, my ass wet and spread.  He took the invite and pined his meat up with my hole and eased his way in.  This cock was fat. I moaned with cock in both ends and let them pump their free whore.  my one day old panties already wet with some guys spent cum (knowing I would have to suck them clean on the way home).

The next two hours were four more cocks sucked to completion.  I probably smelled more like cum and cock than perfume by that time.    I was still stiff and dripping.  I wanted to cum, but the rules are set: cum from taking cock in my pussy.  So I loitered longer but then left.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Secret's Adult theater, Jack London Square

The need to put myself below random strangers and worship cock was strong this weekend.  I put on my pink top, with a white bra (stuffed), denim miniskirt, purple thong panties, and sexy thigh-highs. A little makeup and my generic wig. I drove there from my home in this attire in the late afternoon. My clit tenting my skirt.  Telling myself the rules: any man there, whatever they want, offer both holes,  thank everyone that uses you.  

I parked in front. I didn't like there being open spaces, I wanted a crowd, but I would stay as long as it took.  Perhaps it was then that I committed to staying until at least five men had fucked my cunt.  I paid my ten to the clerk. I lingered by the rack of lubes. I asked the clerk which was his favorite for anal.  He told me the silicone ones are best, but he uses ID Glide.  I picked up a small tube and paid for it and gave a look, then went into the theater.  The movie was two guys on a blond girl, front and back, good sound quality, fair amount of light in the room. I went into the back row where two guys were jerking off five feet apart ignoring each other.  I went between them and faced the back wall and leaned forward and then lifted my skirt up and showed my cute thong up my crack.   Both placed a hand on my smooth ass.   They kneeded and squeezed my ass, and tugged on my thong. I moaned and leaned more forward and shoved my ass out more. I felt one guy start to rub his cock on my ass. He was hard, and pretty long and cut.  I pulled a condom from my skirt pocket and worked on opening the new bottle of lube. The other guy was working a finger in my dry hole and telling me I was a slut. I agreed and ignored the discomfort and worked to get some lube on my cunt. I poured a big dollop down my crack and felt one finger become three in me in hard instant, then four. I gasped and tried to take it like a slut.  Then they left and my first cock was up my hole and full depth in a moment.

I moaned and hump my cunt back on his dick.  My clit rigid in my panties and my thong pulled aside and a strangers cock stroking away inside me.  We just settled in and ten mintues of fucking went on.  my grunted and discharged. on withdrawal I did my move of getting on my knees to remove his condom. He was pulling away but then let me remove his cum holder. I sucked his wet cummy dick. He was sensitive but let me throat his softening cock and eat suck what I could from his shaft.  Then I dumped his load on my tongue.  I was turning tricks to get my drug.  I let anyone fuck me so I can eat their cum.  Even gross strangers in a porn theater.  The other cock was now in my face and I got to sucking his cock, my mouth still wet and tasting of cum.  A slight cigarette taste is his semen.

This one stood me up and bent me over the back theater seats and I held my thong aside for him while he covered and took his turn in my cunt.  Another guy that was seated in the back row watching stood up and stuck his cock in my face.  I opened and swallowed.   I'm automatic.  I will always open and take cock.   The guy behind was stroking his cock in me and talking about his whore.  I just sucked and gagged on cock and hoped for more spunk.  I was choking of cum in a moment. Him shooting while humping my face. it coated and slid around, and some up my nose. uncomfortable at first, but the smell of cum would last the whole night for me now.  as I drained his cock it slid out and I humped back on cock.  The guy fucking me was still talking and watching the porn.   I also stared ahead and watched the slut on the screen have her pussy filled with cum while I held my ass in place for my fucking.

I noticed another tgirl in the front area. On her knees sucking on a man in the front row.  Another guy sat in the seat in front of me and watched me getting fucked while he stroked his cock.  I assumed he would fuck my mouth, but he just watched me zone out and get fucked until the guy finished and withdrew.  Then he got up and got behind me and grunted and forced his way in my hole.  the lube was wearing out and my cunt was a bit sore but I told him to fuck my pussy. I was loud enough to be heard over the movie for everyone.  Telling him to fuck my pussy and shoot inside me.   Knock this slut up with your load.  Wreck my pussy.  I looked up to see the other tgirl in front of me, her cock out of her panties admiring me take cock, stroking herself.  I opened my mouth and she slid in.  Her cute pink thong against my nose, her smooth shaved cock and balls. clean and not touched, and her precum flavor in my mouth. When her hand rested on my head my throat opened up and she slid all the way in and humped down my throat. I moaned along with her.  The pumping behind me grew more frantic then and I was startled to feel the warm gush in my cunt of a raw cock dumping inside me.  The fear of a strangers cum load in my used pussy was mixed with the rush of being a proper cumdump, and the delicious cock in my mouth.  my wet pussy again was empty.  I asked her to fuck me hard.

She got out from in front and moved behind me. Then I felt her hands, and then her mouth back there, her tongue up my hole, and my cunt ooozing hot jizz into her slut mouth.  I looked to see the clerk had come in and was watching.  She got up and I felt her bare cock ease in my hole.  her skirt on the ground, and her panties down there too, in her stockings and garters and sexy heels. Her probably high on cum now too, like me, us making love some before going back to spreading for random men in a theater.

She didn't end up cumming.  perhaps she couldn't, or was going to be there all night.  The clerk fucked me next, then the first guy took another turn. Then I sucked off one of the guys that had watched from the seats.  I took a walk around the store, my skirt riding up and my ass crack showing.   Checked out the porn. then walked out to the sidewalk and walked around some. Then back to theater.   A guy from the store followed me in. As I walked in the back row and leaned over the back seats he lifted my skirt and massaged my ass.  His fingers found my wet used and loose hole, still wet from lube and cum and kisses.  I pulled my thong aside yet again and offered my hole.  His half hard dick came out and rubbed along my ass while he jerked himself hard. His cock-slaps getting more firm as he stiffened. That great thump when a big cock slaps your ass and you know you have to take it and make him happy.  His spit hit my asshole and I started cumming in my panties, even while he forced his big meat in me.  I worked my whore hole in his meat, I cooed for his big cock and let the theater people know that I loved his cock.  He didn't last long, but this time I was on my knees when he worked himself over the edge finally.  My upturned slut face looking up and my open mouth his target.  I wished I was on the sidewalk with strangers driving by watching me lap at his cum.  I so love it.

An older gentleman came in a little while later.  Found me in the back leaned over the back seats, my short skirt riding up enough to show thong.  When his groping was accepted he dropped his pants and work his cock and fondled me, then finger fucked me, then put his cock inside me and took a sweet long pump in this cum-drunk slut.  I felt his cock stiffen as he unloaded inside me and he thrust his way through his orgasm., then left me dripping cum down my thighs. 

and that was my time there.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tonight's Anonymous Hookup

So, my hookup was fun ;-)   younger white guy, I was in street clothes and with girl undies underneath.  I came in and we went to the front room and he sat down on the couch and opened his pants.  I got undressed to my stockings and panties, my hardon sticking out the top, and got on my knees and slid his pants and underwear down, got on my knees and slid his cock into my mouth.  I sucked him for a while, and fingered his ass some, about twenty minutes.  I asked him if he wanted me to pull my panties down and spread for him.  He grunted some approval.  I took a condom from my pants pocket and covered his cock and lubed his dick up while sucking his balls. I moved to the side of the couch and bent over and pushed my ass up high for him to see through my sheer panties, then reached back and slid them down over my ass while he came up behind me and pulled my cheeks apart, then pressed the head up my hole.  He was slow to start, until I humped my hole down on his shaft and moaned in pleasure.  He took over, gripping my hips and making me take it balls deep.  I settled in and put my face down and kept myself in position for him to enjoy. He varied his pace several times, fast and hard, slow and deep.  Probably edging himself, making his free slut last as long as he wanted.   I accommodated and and felt the deep pleasure of being full of horny cum-filled cock. He withdrew and told me to get on my knees.  :-)  *JOY* I slid down to sitting on my feet, mouth open, face raised up lips just touching under the head of his throbbing cock, his fist squeezing and stroking his meat, my tongue stretched out and my eyes up to his, telling him I wanted his load.  He grunted his hot cum trickled, then gushed from his piss-slit.  All his edging over the half hour had stoked his balls, he had probably been jacking this afternoon too edging himself. My mouth filled up from the back, up to my teeth, the smell of his cum was in my nose while I nose-breathed deeply. I stayed with my slut mouth open while he finished working his cum out to the drips, letting him see his huge cum wad in my mouth and being proud of it all. Then looking in his eyes while I started swallowing and sucking it down.

Friday, March 4, 2011

God, I needed that

Finally over my cold, and my craving for dick was unreal.  I went on my lunch break to the ABS.  Outward in my street didn't feel right.  my panties and stockings underneath helped me feel better, and knowing that's all I would be wearing soon.   Good crowd there at noon.  I missed being openly groped in the hall like a party slut.  I took the gloryhole booth, and left the door unlocked while I stripped down to just my sheer panties and knee stockings. a hand was waving a half-hard cock in the hole and I was automatically on my knees to receive it and feed my addiction.  It was soooo good.  I was like a rock in my panties and wetting the front.  I wanted to savor the smell and feel of his hardening cock nice and easy, get my cock high, but I was starving for cock and took him in balls deep, pulling them with my hand to get his cock to push into my throat.  I felt like I was close to one of my goals that I hadn't managed in training at home: reaching orgasm from just sucking a cock.  I wanted that power, cumming from a dick in my throat.   I zoned in on my mouth getting fucked, I moaned around his meat and stroked his balls. I was close and his hot spunk would be awesome. He worked my whore mouth for another 20 minutes. I was wet in my panties but not orgasm. If I touched my clit I would have exploded. Hi load filled my mouth and I was so happy for his cream.  Every guy having his own taste, more than a thousand jizz loads eaten and loved.  The musky thick cream smelling and tasting like pleasure.  My cum high was on me.

I stay for an hour, the next three men starting with oral, but always accepting when I offer my pussy for them to fuck.  One did me like that through the hole. my panties pulled aside and my cheeks held apart and up to the hole. A totally anonymous cunt for him to pump his dick into.  I moaned and panted like a total cock whore.  Working his dick with my skilled and used muscles. Service that men pay hookers for, giving it away for free in a cum-splashed booth for total strangers.  I did manage to strut about some wearing just my panties and stockings in the hallway...hoping I'd be groped or even raped in public, but no takers.

I still haven't cum yet, even though I was close a lot from the penetration.   I'll probably post on CL for some stranger to come by use me more.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's not to love ?

A wide array of my favorite things in this video.  adult bookstore, gangbanging, getting fucked in the booths area, a good local porn production company, real hard throat fucking, being used by strangers in public, rough hard slut much to love.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bathhouse trip, Jan 2011

an older field report from this cumdump whore.

I arrived in my street clothes and with my gym bag. I took a small room, so I could change and have somewhere to pleasure men if they wanted privacy.  purple thong panties, fishnet stockings, plaid skirt, purple mesh top, then walking around the place to start a long night of being a real cross-dresser slut at *****.  I'm the only gurl in the place and everyone gives me some kind of look.  It is a manly gay setting. I had been a bottom cumslut here several times but it is still all M2M action here.  I move through the darker hallways.  Within 15 minutes an older man groped me in the hallway as I passed and made eye contact.  I stopped and didn't resist his hand up my skirt and over my ass. I rubbed his cock through his towel.  my skirt was lifted and my cock fondled in my panties.  I asked if I could suck his cock.  he lowered his towel and I knelt and sucked him in the hallway.  another toweled man came up and took his cock out next to my face. I put my whore mouth to work on this one too. Then asked which one could fuck my boypussy. I got up and straightened my skirt, then took one man in each hand, and said in a girly voice "come to my room and pump this slut" and lead them to my room.  Once inside my thong was stretched aside and a lubed cock was in my pussy balls-deep in less than a minute.  my mouth worked the other cock.  They did not talk to each other but told me what a cute slut I was and rubbed my smooth body and fucked me.  one had a wedding ring on.  Both men tried to play with my clit, but I dissuaded them.  My cunt was loving it, and my slit was in my sexy panties.  They traded holes and took turns and finished in their rubbers in my cunt after about 20 min. I collected their filled rubbers and up-ended their loads in my slut mouth.  Both had big loads, early in the evening.  The flavor made me flush and get that cum high.  They left.

I laid on the tiny bed with the door open, like a window whore, expect free.  men walked by, I smiled, but didn't masturbate.  A guy walked by three times, then came in. I rolled over on my side and hiked my skirt up to my ass crack. His hand went to my warm wetness and he fingered my cunt. His towel dropped and he presented his cock to my whore mouth.  He fingered my sissy hole more while I sucked him whole.  He thrust hard and gushed in my mouth. I had figured all the finger banging was a prelude to fucking that men think girls like. Maybe he couldn't hold back, no matter. I swallow and sucked hard for more juice. He softened and left me with my skirt hiked up.  I straightened up, tucked my clit back in, left my hole lubed up, and went back in the hallways.

I was solicited again after ten minutes.  Heavy man with a beard, balding, a gut. I would have moved on, but my Mistress has standing and specific orders on my behavior on these assignments.  I do not get to say no.  hands up my skirt. no erection from me though, but that doesn't matter.  I worked my hand inside his towel and found his small erection and I worked it fast and deftly.  his finger went in my wet cunt, then he lead me to his room, closed the door. I lenaned over the bed and slid my skirt up and pulled my thong to the side while he fumbled to put his condom on.  the effort was not working. I knelt and put my lips to his prick and suckled him hard. He applied his condom and I resumed my whore pose for him. He grunted and humped me while playing with my thong and my ass cheeks.  I worked my cunt muscles on his shaft and cooed in fake pleasure from his thrusts. He stopped after a few minutes, perhaps tired.  He wanted to chat. I asked him if he wanted to invite men in and watch them fuck me until he was hard again.  He liked that idea and went in the hall with the door open and I rolled over with my side with my back to the door and my skirt hiked up, on the bed. People talked, and a hand was on my ass and my cunt was fingered, more lube applied, and I groaned in real pleasure as a hared cock went up my hole.  I fucked back on his cock and did my girly "fuck me fuck me" talk.  he got on the bed behind me, spooning, his meat still stretching and pumping my hole, his hands gripping mine and holding me down (black, wedding ring again), I came in my panties and kept humping his cock.  my high was faded with my orgasm, I asked him to blow in my mouth, feed me, I just kept asking as he humped me hard and deep, and for a long time, he was mumbling stuff but I didn't know what it was.  He slid out quickly and I wasn't expecting it.  He told me to kneel. I scrambled to get on my knees and open my whore mouth. Looking up to see the guy finally just as his load spat in my mouth. his jizz was hot and thick.  I sucked the head to get more, my clit stiff in my wet panties again.  the heavy guy was jerking himself fast. He stepped up and I put my open mouth at the head of his cock. He took more time yet, but shot his thin long stream of cum in my mouth. the smell and taste of cum filled me. I had my fingers up my wet cunt.   when we settled down I excused myself to take a break in my room.  I put my large acrylic buttplug in my hole and napped some.

11 men fucked my pussy.   no young guys or hunks or jocks or queers, all older, always in a room, most married (ring, or tanline on wedding finger) which kinda made me hornier even though it is wrong.   My hole was aching after the third fuck but stayed about the same all night, and I loved the slight swelling my hole had, like a real pussy, and when I could reach back and pull my cheeks apart and feel my hole pop open and ready.    I shot two loads of my juice in my panties that I licked up.  I left dressed up. I was hoping to be solicited on the street, like a real cumdump hooker. Nobody was around though.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb 5, 2011, Hollywood Video ABS booth trip report

Denim skirt, leopard print panties, black knee stockings, ruffle top, some make-up but no wig.   trying to pull off the short hair sissy look, but more just pulling off the crossdressing faggot for cock look. I show up at noon.  Hoping the day before Superbowl will have guys stopping by to bust a nut and drain their balls while on their errands.   I buy some lube and arcade tokens, again making it obvious to the staff and the two guys in the store that I'm not just there to jerk off in my panties watching porn, or just there to suck cock, I'm there to let men use my hole to get off. My lubed hole will be available in the booths.

One store guy follows me in the booth area.  Seems darker but the day was nice and bright out. A hand is placed on my ass, I respond by groping for his crotch.  He's in loose track pants and briefs, his cock partly hard already. I reach inside his loose clothes and put my hand around the shaft and start pumping his cock, right there in the hallway. Understand that no action happens in the hallway. The staff can watch it on their camera, record it, throw you out for breaking the law like this.  three other guys are in the hallway watching, touching the front of their jeans, or coming a little closer to watch.  My clit was stiff in my panties.  I got a hold of my urges (my urge to kneel and start sucking cocks in public there) and asked in a soft  girlie voice if someone could join me in a booth.  The one next to me was free and we stepped inside.  the track pants guy, the one from the store, and another guy from the hallway in a leather jacket and mustache.   The jacket guy was closing the door, but I asked him to leave it ajar. Perhaps he thought I was afraid of being raped. I was just hoping more men would wander in and join the gangrape I was twitching and hard for.  I got on my knees with my skirt hiked up to show off my panties and my cute ass and cocks came out for me to suck and stroke.   The video someone selected to play in the booth was a gangbang porn, well into it.  I was in the first part of the scene, where the slut is on her knees and fluffing everyone hard, tasting all the different cock flavors, eating the precum, seeing who could really get it up.  Unlike porn, guys in real life in a gangbang often can't get hard enough to use a tight pussy.  

track pants guy was hard, and small hung.  The latino from the store was rubbery but getting harder, mustache guy was uncut, hung, and hard.  My cunt twitched against my thong.  I wanted his meat in me making me cum.  I pulled a condom from my skirt pocket and handed it up to him while I sucked the other two more and fished out a bottle of lube I had already brought along (I didn't need to buy new stuff, I had some with, but I go through a lot of it and can always use more).    I got up and grabbed the chair and handed the lube up to mustache guy and then pulled my thong to the side.  The wet juice was applied to my tight cunt, then the head was pressed in.  I moaned and purred like a slut.  Glad my cunt training was working nice and I didn't need men to pace themselves when they needed a pussy to fuck.  I told him to go balls deep please, dick this slut good.  I turned my head and had a cock placed in my mouth.  I breathed through my nose deep and felt the high coming over me, the floating, my world reduced to the shaft in my hole, and the cock in my mouth, my skirt raised up and out of the way, except as leverage or a handhold on this slut.

The small cock in my mouth was shooting cum.  My attention focused in on the hot squirting goo.  The taste was strong.  long ago I would have thought it unpleasant, but this is my drug now, and I chug and gulp  and suck like mad for it.  a small thick load.  My craving is strong still.  The cock in my cunt feels fantastic, my orgasm building.  Another cock is in my mouth now, the bigger latino guy, a bit harder.  His hand on the back of my head and his cock is pressed down my throat.  I'm high now and I don't choke on dick.  He loves it and gets hornier and talks nasty to his cock-eating bitch.   The sissy boy dressing up like a girl and sucking cock.  his free hand grabs my stiff clit in my panties and squeezes hard.   I whimper around his cock, but don't choke.  My cunt clenches from the pain and the cock in my ass feels bigger. I hear both men approve and it's done again to me.  My orgasm is long gone now and I have to settle in to being a service sissy and knowing the men and enjoying me.

Some spanking is mixed in with the clit grabs. Their both doing it now and getting their kicks. It's making their cocks hard, so I'm happy. I moan more and let them know it's all good.  They both get off with their cocks buried in me, not together, but pretty close.  I've wet my panties some in the process, but didn't orgasm.  I look to my other side and see someone new putting a condom on while the guy in my cunt is doing his last "oh yeah" thrusts.  Then a brief moment of emptiness. Then some other stranger's cock is sliding in my wet cunt.  not as big, he is humping his full length in my hole in a short time, while I coo and tell him in my sissy voice how much my pussy loves it. He pulls my thong more to the side, stretching it out, and pulls my ass cheeks wide apart. He has a great view of my filled hole taking his cock.  That gets him horny and he's already going into his "oh oh oh..." I use my trained slut muscles in my hole to pulse and massage his meat, in service to cock. Then he is sliding out. I make sure this time to turn and get on my knees to take his filled condom off, then tip the hot scum in my mouth. 

and then, I'm alone in the booth, porn still playing.  I re-arrange my outfit some, but leave the skirt up high so my crack shows, and walk the hallway some more.  I'm fondled and fucked for the next two hours there.   All solo men from that point, but they all start with getting sucked, then I'm taking it in the cunt.  4 more men enjoy using me.  The last man was perhaps surprised when I humped and ground my cunt on his stiff cock and begged him to shoot his load.  Perhaps he thought he was going to spend more time edging himself in the booths, or have a nice long slow fuck with this sissy, but I was high for cock and my cunt wanted to feel his dick pulsing.  He was holding still and trying to edge and I was milking his meat with my awesome pussy and making it shoot for me. I did cum in my panties that time, a deep cunt orgasm, spraying a huge glob in my panties and a wet spot on the front of my skirt. 

I was happy walking out with that cream mark , and some wetness on my inner thigh, and on my stockings.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dressing as a slut makes the booths so simple

I'm so glad I no longer have that stupid little game with the men in the booths. Top or bottom ? you suck ? can I suck you ?   can we just jack off together, and on and on.  

Today?  I'm in my thigh stockings, short leather miniskirt, super hot thong panties, blouse, make-up, blond wig, sunglasses.   walking in the booth area guys don't even flirt much, guys hands lift up my skirt. I lean in and kiss a guy there in the hall while feeling his erection in his loose track pants. I can't see who is putting his hand inside my panties and fingering my hole.   A guy opens a booth and I'm led inside and three guys come in also.  Being a sissy whore lets guys treat me like this.  I invite being gangraped by showing up like that and acting like I do.  I'm on my knees sucking dick. My high is filling me. I'm tonguing their balls.  I have an ass pressed in my face and I eat his crack and his hole. My panties are pulled down, I'm helped up and bent over, my face against the porn screen. I don't know who is in there but my cunt is already being put to use servicing cock.  I relax into it eventually. The thrusting in my hole, what I came here to be used for. My panties are at my ankles and my clean smooth cunt is worked open.   I'm a gloryhole cumdump, dressed up and here to service all takers, and eat as much cum as I can swallow.  This is so much more like an alley rape, so much hotter.  felt up in the dark, then pulled into a booth and my panties pulled down and men just opening their pants to press their cocks in me and take turns. 

Eventually I'm humping back on their cocks, but they seem to not like that as much. I go back to passive and unresisting and just counting the strangers that use me as their rape toy.  Is it really rape when I want it ?  when I come here with instructions to let guys do it like this ?  when I dress up specifically to encourage men to act like this ?  when I finger my cunt at night remembering it ?  and when I hunger for their cumloads so bad ? That I'm literally addicted to cock ? That I actually pick up their used condoms from the ground or off my back and and eat the warm load inside....and get high from it ?

Friday, January 28, 2011

An older trip report, May 2010 Folsom Gulch

spent 4 hours at the video booths last night.  arrived at about 7PM, went to the first gloyhole booth as you come in but that and it's adjacent booth were busy, about 10 guys cruising the booth area, eye contact, etc.  took the booth in the back left. large booth, has a gloryhole. left the door open and undressed completely (gay leatherish crowd here, I don't think straight guys looking for a pussy in panties here, so for this trip I was just a cum hungry sub faggot) a cock was already at the goryhole. I knelt and started my night servicing horny strangers. 

after steady attention for the fist hour (three men sucked off, one guy fucking me in the ass, including sucking cock in the hole while he was fucking me) things got quieter and I took a break to go get a soda and relax a little, then came back to the booths.  I cruised around the booth area some, making more eye contact. a group of three guys were chatting quiet. I looked long at them, then took a booth next to them. Again undressing, selecting some hot gangbang porn. the guys came in the booth then, as I was putting a handful of condoms and lube in the chair. I knelt and they took their cocks out. I went from cock to cock, balls deep on all of them.  nothing small, but nothing huge.  as they got fully hard their cock heads starting pushing into my throat on their turns, then finally I was getting throat fucked by each in turn.  The waiting guys would grab and fondle my ass and cock, and forcing their dry fingers in my cunt hole.  I took a condom from the chair and held it up, one took it and put it on as I lubed up my cunt and put some on him then turned and bent way forward. he pushed his way all in in one slow thrust, then proceeded with fucking my cunt deep.  a cock was put in my face and I sucked.  They used me for a half hour at least.  one came in my  mouth, I don't think the other two came.  They just wore out and then they all left.    About ten minutes of me kneeling and jerking my cock and another guy came in and let me suck him to completion with a really awesome amount of cum, I swallowed twice while he was jetting cum and I still had a mouthful when he pulled out.  I pushed my fingers up my wet cunt as deep as I could and savored the taste and feel and smell of his jizz.  I was still fingering my cunt when another guy came in and took his pants off and put his own condom on his already hard cock.  I sucked his covered cock for a bit, then he told me to get up and bend over.  I was glad too.  he worked my cunt good.  then came inside me.  I knelt to remove his full condom and sucked his cock clean, then tipped the condom up to swallow his load.

The next hour was quieter.  some looking out the booth, and two guys wanting to reciprocate oral, which I declined. 

I went to the gloryhole booth near the entrance and was rewarded with a huge jawbreaking cock to suck. I gagged several times trying to push the huge head into my throat.  he must have appreciated the effort at least, he gave me a very thick load of cum

one more older guy used my mouth at the gloryhole, but didn't climax


my new panties on today have me craving cock.   On my way now to service the lunch crowd at the booths and see who needs a whore to use....

Friday, January 21, 2011

new stockings and lounge wear arrived today!

I'll have to model again soon.  have some cute thigh-highs and knee-highs, and some sheer loungewear.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

new pics

thong and leather skirt and cute frilly top.

plaid skirt, same cute top

booty shot!  same thong I wore at gloryholes last week

thong stciking out above plaid skirt.  God, I think I'm seriously considering a tramp-stamp.....wouldn't that be hot to wear a half shirt and guys see my slut mark at the top of my ass crack and my thong panties sticking out....

Sunday, January 16, 2011


one of my goals, to take strap-ons of this caliber.  I own one and I've gotten it in with poppers, but I want my cunt to take this like a real cock-bitch pro.

Hosting men at home today.

Have an ad up on CL today inviting men to come by and stretch me tight sissy ass.  In my cherry panties... I'll provide updates throughout the afternoon.

Update 1:  Two different guys on their way over right now, both nearby and very horny for no-limits pantie slut.

Update 2:  Just finished having my hole worked over by two strangers. One indulged me and held my cunt open with his fingers, stretching me out, then spit in my cunt, then fucked me some more.  I also got both to finish by jerking off on my tongue and watching me swallow their cum.  Still tasting it now while I type.   I have yet to touch my clit, my panties are wet in the front with my precum.  I'm expecting another guy over pretty soon.

Update 3: So that guy was a no-show.   But, a guy that was supposed to show up earlier called me and came by for a quick blowjob.  I had him on the couch with his pants down and some porn playing on the TV while I knelt and ate his cock.  A nice uncut cock, shaved.  He last about 15 minutes, then filled my mouth with awesome cum.  I am still tasting it now when I burp!  the wet spot in my panties is pretty much the whole front now.  I'll have to take them off now and stuff them in my mouth and eat my jizz.

Update 4: put my skirt and top and jacket on to meet a guy in his car around the corner from my house.  He wanted a panty-boy slut to ride his cock in his truck.   I obliged and got in his truck. Maybe a nutjob, but I do what horny men tell me to do.  If he rapes me I won't resist.    Turned out he was more shy than expected and I had to come on to him, talk sissy, stroke him through his pants. Then hiked my skirt up and let him put his face in my crack and lick my thong. He told me to get in the back and I got in and lifted my skirt and presented my ass with my thong pulled aside.  I put my head down while he mounted and fucked my used boypussy.   I hoped someone could see.   He took about 15 minutes to breed his hooker sissy. I licked him clean and came back here to report.

Update 5: ugh, finally!  this bitch got her hole wrecked!!!   sucking my load out of my panties again, my ass is aching.  thick black uncut cock made me suck him hard, didn't even take his pants off, just opened his fly and pulled his cock out of his boxers.   I was in my purple sheer boyshort panties, eating his dick while he watched porn.  Then face down on the ground and he split me open.  I moaned and held my cheeks apart for him while he worked his dick in my cunt and forced his way along.   I spaced out for a while. I guess it was half an hour.   I can't believe I want more.....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Staged, but still nice to watch

A Sister doing our favorite thing

"Panties Only" Life

So last November I put all my male underwear in the garbage and started my panties-only life.  I had a nice collection of girl underwear at that point.  It was time to commit to being a pantie-sissy.  I spent that evening modeling my pantie collection for myself and masturbating my pussy with a dildo until I managed to soak a pair with my cum.  I have since had to do shopping to fill out some regular day-wear panties, and panties suitable for exercise.  Sexy thongs and frilly panties don't keep my huge clit from flopping out. I still get hard shopping for them, handling them in the store with the gals around.  I also check out the lingerie at most stores.  Today it is a peach/pink smooth pair that caress my shaved smooth skin nicely and keep me hard and dripping.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Booth trip report: 1/12/2011

Got to adult book store around 7:30.  I try to get there closer to the after-work time so I can catch the guys stopping by on their way home from work looking to get off then head home.  They aren't marathon guys.  They like a slut to that sucks and fucks, drains their load, and then head out.

leather skirt, thong panties, tights, sheer top.  As usual my instructions are to pleasure any and all cummers, eat every load of cum, no masturbating my clit.  Only allowed to cum from a cock in my pussy or mouth. I haven't come in this establishment before outwardly cross-dressed before, just my lingerie under my street clothes.  probably the first time going in there with my erection absent and just a lot of nervousness.   went through the motions of buying arcade tokens,  and buying condoms from the counter girl to take with me (so she knows that I'm letting me fuck me in the booths).  Then to the booths.   5 guys loitering in the dark hall, all look at me.  I go the booth with the big gloyhole. first door locked, second open. I go in and leave the door open.

  I feed the machine some tokens.  my normal routine of stripping to my panties seems not appropriate now.  I should stay dressed but accessible for the men.  the skirt and stockings must work well as I was followed in the booth right away. He closed the door behind him and opens his pants and just lets his cock hang out.   I kneel and get to work sucking cock. The first taste starts my cock high.  my clit stiffens in my panties, tenting my skirt.  I suck to the base of his dick and get him harder, growing to the back of my mouth, but not any farther, but very stiff cut cock.  his hand goes on my head as he starts face-fucking me.  I just hold his thighs and close my eyes and let him work my mouthhole as he likes.   He withdraws after a few minutes and tells me to turn around.  I hand him one of the condoms in the pile on the chair, turn around, lift up my skirt, slide my panties down to my ankles and hold the chair with my ass out.   I hand some lube back to him. he squirts on my pussy, then humps his cock in my hole and settles into fucking his slut.  I moan and coo for him, all fem, telling him to pound my pussy. Knowing that this is just the first stranger that will mount and use this whore. I held my ass out for him to use.  I could see the guy watching through the gloryhole.

The gloryhole guy stood up and his erection in his hand was big and black.  He put it through the hole.  the guy fucking me told me to suck it. I brought the chair next to the hole and awkwardly started sucking while the cock went back in my hole. My clit throbbed very erect. my high was full now. The taste and smell of cock, the feeling in my mouth, him thrusting it to make my throat take it, and my hole pistoned with a hard dick.  It was short lasting, my throat probably being a nice surprise set the black cock gushing down my throat. he thrust and grunted, my lips squeezing the base of his shaft. That set off the guy in my cunt. he grabbed my hips and held while his cock throbbed, and the cock in my mouth slid out wet and softening, wet with my spit.  I reversed down to my knees and helped the stranger remove his condom, then upended the load on my tongue.  The guy just watched while he did up his pants and left.  I turned the rubber inside-out and sucked the rest of the hot cum off it. 

My skirt still hiked up, my panties at my ankles, on my knees, sucking the fresh load of cum out of a used condom, my clit rigid and dripping, and the booth door open.....three men looking in at me. Perhaps disgusted, who knows.  none came in.  I closed the door but did not lock it.  I got back into position bent over the chair, my skirt up and panties down and my hole wet and porn playing. 

People looked in but no takers for about half an hour.  Then a cock was presented at the hole. I put my slut mouth to work worshipping cock. Thick hairy cut cock, redhead.  musky.  I zoned out in a cock-hungry daze.  He fucked my mouth to completion and dumped a nice load in my mouth. I savored it in my mouth.  My favorite thing.

Another man at the hole, then a heavy older guy in my booth with me the next hour. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gloryhole booth duty tonight

I'll be going to the holes tonight around 8PM.  leather skirt, thong panties, tights, sheer top.  As usual my instructions are to pleasure any and all cummers, eat every load of cum, no masturbating my clit.  Only allowed to cum from a cock in my pussy or mouth.

Assignment from Mistress. 9/12/08

Mistress ordered me to perform booth duty today during my lunch break.  Then she sent me back to the booths again that same evening. This is my report.

So, back to Hollywood books by about 5:00.  I bought more anal lube,
and some tokens and went to the booths.

I went in a booth, undressed completely, put some lube up my ass, and
left some condoms on the chair. I fed the machine some tokens, picked
out some hot gangbang porn of this woman letting a few guys go
ass-to-mouth on her.  I put my ass up towards the door and bent over
the chair and started jacking my cock.  Some guys looked in and left
again.  I just looked forward and jacked until someone came in and
started rubbing my ass. Buff jock type guy.  mid twenties, real
hottie.  I got on my knees and helped him remove his shorts and
underwear while he took his top off and got to sucking his cock.  He
held my head and forced his way down my throat, gagging me with his
cock.   After about ten minutes of that he pulled out and pushed me
over the chair.  I handed him a condom and some anal lube.  He
rubbered up and rammed his way up my ass in one shot.  I winced and
took it  He worked me pretty hard.  then the door opened again.  An
older guy looked in.  The guy fucking me invited him in.   He pulled
his cock out and I started sucking him while the first guy was still
fucking my ass. His cock was huge and thick.  It stretched my mouth
wide open. My ass was relaxed enough now to handle the fucking and it
was nice, and the cock tasted good too. the guy fucking me started
pushing my head down on this guys big cock. I felt so full of cock.
Their cocks were both really hard too.    They talked about what a
slut I was over me.

I was kind of lost in the feeling, then they said "trade" and they
pulled out and jock pushed his cock in my mouth, and the huge guy went
up my ass. It was so thick, I was gasping, and choking on cock at the
same time.   My legs were wobbly, from having something big in there,
unexpected.  my cock was hard and dripping precum. I knew the big hung
older guy was uncovered up my ass.  I was wanting to be a real slut
and take his cock and his load.  But I squeezed my sphincter and his
cock was squeezed out. I was horny and cock high, but I had the sense
to make him pull out. I gave him a magnum condom and asked him to wrap
it and then keep fucking me.  Instead they swapped again and I went
back to sucking his huge cock and the jock got behind me and started
humping me hard.  Then they had me kneeling while they jacked their
cocks in my face together.  The jock sprayed my face with cum. a nice
big load.  the older hung guy pulled up his pants and left then.  I
sucked the jock's cock clean.  Then he dressed and left.

I left the cum on my face and fed the machine more tokens and bent
over the chair with my ass out again.A guy around my age, kind of
chubby , with a goatee and glasses came in.  I got on my knees and
helped him open his pants and started sucking his cock.  He changed
the video channel to some gay young-boy porn. Then he helped me up and
got on his knees and started sucking my cock. This went bakc and forth
for about fifteen minutes I guess.  he only had about 4 inches of
cock.  when he was very hard I handed him a condom.  He put it on and
I bent over and spread my ass for him. He humped me while watching his
porn. He only made a noise when cumming, some grunting, then he pulled
out, tossed off the condom, and kissed me and left.

I fed the machine, got posed again, and waited again.  The next guy to
come in just played with my fucked ass and jerked himself, then he got
on his knees and started rimming me. I hadn't turned around when he
came in so I don't know who this was.  He tongue fucked my butt while
jerking his cock and I jerked my cock. he stopped and stood up and
made some noise and then I felt his cum splashing on my butt cheeks
and back.

I remained bent over and jacking as he left and waited.  The cum on my
ass felt good. some was running down my ass crack. I waited a while.
A guy came in and spent some time checking me out, commenting on how I
was hot.  I asked him how he wanted to use me.  He had me turn around
and bend over by the video screen where there was more light and he
checked out the cum on my ass and my raw fucked ass.  I asked if he
wanted to take a turn in there, or have some oral service, but he
declined and then left.

I sat in the chair and stroked for a little while.  I opened the door
a crack and left it like that and waited some more. Two guys looked in
but didn't come in.  Then I dressed and left.

I'm thinking about answering a CL ad for a guy  needing his
cock sucked.  I didn't get to swallow and spunk this evening and I'm
now craving the taste of cum.  but I need to go.

your spunk-craving whore pet.

First Video booth cock: 2004

I had already been sucking off her boyfriends and fluffing her
one-night stands and club dates and doing clean up roles, so I was
used to sucking men off, and eating cum.   She told me to get a pair
of my panties on, and drove me over to Hollywood Books on Telegraph
ave.   We went in and bought tokens and went to the booths.  We had
been there before and she had me strip and jack myself off in a booth
while eating her pussy and she watched porn.  She had said that time
that next time we go there I'll be sucking guys off for her, so I knew
what was going to happen.  We got in a booth, guys were there
loitering and watching.  she left the door open, I stripped down to my
panties and got on my knees.  She fed the machine my money, and guys
came in and picked out the porn they liked.  She'd show them her tits
and let them play with them a little, and make out with some, but
otherwise stayed dressed.  I sucked their cocks and played with my
erection.  I figured I was not supposed to cum until instructed.   We
stayed there for almost 2 hours, 5PM to 7PM.  I sucked on ten guys
cocks.  5 of them all the way until they shot in my mouth, which I
would look up and show her their cum in my mouth, then swallow it. Two
older guys hump my mouth for a long time but didn't cum, and one gayer
guy with a cock ring on, but couldn't stay hard (maybe not used to a
woman there watching).

She then told me to give her my panties.  She took them, dropped them
onto the sticky floor that I had been kneeling on, and stepped on them
and ground them into the dirty and cum-sticky floor.  Then she picked
them up and told me to open my whore mouth.  She stuffed them in my mouth.
I could smell my own crotch on them, and the taste of the dirty porn booth
floor.  Then we got dressed and left, me still having dirty panties in
my mouth.  She had a play date with one of her boyfriends later that night
and was now very turned on.  I licked her pussy when we got home while I
jerked myself off with a dildo up my ass, then watched her put on her sexy
underwear for her date.  I was hard again thinking about eating her out
when she got home.