My All True Accounts of my Life as a Sissy Cockwhore For Total Strangers

All True Accounts of Life as a Cockwhore and Cum Addict For Total Strangers

Jasmin seems to have gone AWOL, but I'm leaving her on the roster for now.

TVTinaSwallows is a Sissy gloryhole addict like myself and will be sharing about past activities and her current cum addiction.

For those of you new here, my account is different in origins, but we all end up the same

It started as an assignment from my girlfriend at the time.....

Then My Mistress got serious about my sissy transformation and completing my training as a cum addict. Altering me.

Now on my own and no longer the man I was. Now more a crossdresser with an addiction to pleasuring strange men and a cock and cum fetish. I do it for free. Some day I will take things further.....

signed: SissySlut

Monday, November 10, 2014

Paris Theater, Portland, OR. Oct 5, 2014

Was in town for work and made sure to pack some lingerie and a skirt and make-up. Couldn't bring my big heels in just my little carry-on suitcase, but I don't think the boys would mind.

 Got into town in the afternoon and took a nap and got some dinner at the happy hour at the Red Star.  Then back to my room and packed a small bag of goodies and got to Paris Theater around 7:00.  Main screen was playing old school straight hardcore porn.  Foreign language (Croatian?).  Hairy porn actors and guys with huge cocks and cum-hungry sluts.  A few guys hanging out.

The gay room was showing some leather porn and beefy guys fucking. One guy near screen watching and jacking off.  I was in the couch area and took my time undressing.  I stood there naked for a bit, playing with myself, then put on sheer bikini panties over my smooth ass, stockings on my shaved legs, a cami top, my wig and some lipstick and eye-liner. no mirror but it is dark in there. Put my street clothes in my bag and stuffed it under the bench.

I walked the theater then. Walking near everyone for a bit and making some eye contact. The third guy had opened his pants and taken his cock all the way out and was waving it when I walked up.  I knelt down and swallowed his dick. The taste of musty dick and precum was good and I moaned as his got rigid and fucked my mouth. With his hand on my head he got to pumping my mouth and getting his fuck on.  He must have been there a while as he rewarded me with hot jets of cum in a short time for theater pervs (who usually want to drag things out as much as possible).  He stroked his shaft as I sucked and drained him and swallowed, feeling the high from his cum. His grunts were met with a "yeah, eat his cock" from a guy that had come up behind me.  I slid the cock out and turned to see an older guy playing with himself in his trackpants.  I reached up and stroked his cock with him. He was SUPER thick and I moaned "Can I suck your cock?".  He just took his hand away and felt in his pocket, probably for poppers, while I pulled his pants down and took his cock out and got to eating his cock. 

He paced me with little breaks, keeping himself going, but not denying me precum. I tried to throat him, but he was both too short and too thick for that to work and he liked my mouth anyways. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me.   He nodded and I led him to the smaller room. I retrieved my lube bottle and handed it to him, then I faced away from him and leaned over the rail, my butt out to him.   He rubbed his cock on my panties and ass, humping the smooth fabric, then pulled my panties down. with one hand he opened my butt cheeks and the other squirted lube.  His fingers went in me, finger-fucking lube in my boi cunt, one, then two, then three fingers easy, then a quick switch and his head was pressing at my hole.  I slowed his thrust a bit since he was sort of thick. He took the hint and squeezed the base of his cock while I eased my love hole down his shaft.  When I made a few bounces on his meat he took over and I leaned into the rail and held my slut hole up for his use.  He pumped me for a while as two other guys hung out and watched, then he grunted and unloaded raw inside me.  As he slid out his load followed and into my panties and over my ass.   My hand was on my stiff member, playing and loving the feeling.   I didn't look back but a new stranger stepped up and eased his cock into my cum-soaked hole.

Both newcomers took turns fucking me, and watching the other fuck me, or pushing their fingers inside my wet hole.  Neither one orgasmed inside me though as far as I could tell.  Perhaps they had already shot their real load and I was getting the remainder pumped into me.    

I gave one more guy head a half hour later at the front of the theater while he watched the movie in his chair.


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