My All True Accounts of my Life as a Sissy Cockwhore For Total Strangers

All True Accounts of Life as a Cockwhore and Cum Addict For Total Strangers

Jasmin seems to have gone AWOL, but I'm leaving her on the roster for now.

TVTinaSwallows is a Sissy gloryhole addict like myself and will be sharing about past activities and her current cum addiction.

For those of you new here, my account is different in origins, but we all end up the same

It started as an assignment from my girlfriend at the time.....

Then My Mistress got serious about my sissy transformation and completing my training as a cum addict. Altering me.

Now on my own and no longer the man I was. Now more a crossdresser with an addiction to pleasuring strange men and a cock and cum fetish. I do it for free. Some day I will take things further.....

signed: SissySlut

Monday, June 17, 2013

May 14th, 2013: Lion's Den, Buckley Illinois

So, your favorite cumslut was on a road trip and kept her eyes open for adult stores and theaters. I had on stockings and garter and panties under my vanilla clothes for travel (as long time readers know I don't own male underwear anymore). In a rental car on the road. Big signs on I-57 "Lion's Den Adult Superstore XXX". I twitched on my butt plug and my cock stiffened in my panties and my jeans tightened. I knew that Illinois doesn't have a problem with gloryholes and sluts helping the patrons get off. After two more exits it's there, aside the highway, nothing around it in any direction visible. 8 cars in parking lot. Went in and talk with the girl clerk, and didn't see anyone else. I asked to go in the video booth area. $5 for 25 minutes. Sounds good. I found the only open booth with a gloryhole. went in and saw a guy sitting on the other side. I stripped to my sissy attire, clit poking up and a wet spot already. I knelt and put my mouth up to the hole. It took a bit but he slid his cock in my mouth and gave me a long mouth fucking. with some pauses for him to extend his pleasure, then rigid in my throat as he came. Big load. The cum high spreading through me. I tapped the head of my clit and felt more of my own cum ooze out into my panties. I had left my door ajar and had a guy watching me through the door. Heavy, rubbing his obvious erection in his track pants. I had some gangbang porn playing on the video screen and his gaze was moving back and forth when I turned around and bent forward to touch my ankles. the door closed and in the close space his hands were on my pantied ass and then down inside them and rubbing my smooth ass. I slid my bikini panties down for him past my ass and his finger went to my hole. I handed him the lube that I had on then bench. I waited while he took the time to strip completely and rest his erection in my bottom then lube his cock up. He eased his bare cock inside me and got a long stroke going. Holding my hips to keep his smaller cock inside my hole while he got fully hard. I set my finger to the gloryhole and humped my cunt back on the stranger. A face appeared and watched my face while i got fucked, my mouth ajar, inviting. A hairy cut cock and balls pushed through the hole and my mouth took the whole package, my cunt loosened and my anonymous lover in my cunt started hammering inside me. As the cock in my mouth grew into a proper manly erection, past my throat opening, into my whore throat, I listened to the grunting guy behind me describe his orgasm and how I was a cumslut. I didn't stop fucking back on his dick while he went through his shuddering and cum shooting. my lips pressed to the gloryohle opening holding there for the throat fucking. The sluts in the video making a bunch of slut noises. Us lit by porn light. the man behind left and closed the door. I stopped my oral service to leave the door open again and bent over to keep throat fucking. the cum oozing out my hole while the light from the hallway showed me bent over and panties pulled down and a wet sissy cunt. I wanted someone in there right away, with fresh cum lube inside me, but I was to wait and give more head. hairy cock slid out, 7 inches of sliding out, and jerked his shaft. I put my mouth open to the hole, no mistaking that I take cum. the swollen head rested on my lower lip and hot cum splashed in my mouth. three good mouth-painting shots, I swallowed and wrapped my lips over the head to suck the second half of a man's orgasm that dribbles from the slit. Thicker and more concentrated in my drug. My wet spot on the front of my panties growing again. my orgasm running over me. Him sliding his cock down my throat again while his erection lasted and he shuddered, my orgasm perhaps turning him on a little. I ended up walking the hallways some, in my stockings and panties, wet in from and back now through the satin. My clothes in hand. A gambit I've tried before when fully made up, but with my skirt off and rarely having it get me laid but still an exhibitionist arousal. This time another heavy white guy just told me to go in booth 10. That was in the back corner I figured out as he watched me navigate. I got inside closed the door but didn't lock it. The booth was big, with a padded bench and a chair. A minute or so later two guys showed up and came in. The one fed the booth video, picking gay porn. They started undressing, nobody talked. I got to my knees on the sticky floor and had each cock take turns in my mouth. I had left the lube bottle on the chair which they noticed. face and chest down on the bench and my hole again taking cock. Each watching the other and taking turns, edging, stroking themselves. sometimes taking moments to use their phone camera. or texting. no rushing (well, they traded poppers back and forth, and also gave me hits) as they had a relaxed tag team slut fuck session. I'm guessing the text messaging was to a friend, who showed up after some unknown span of time. no chance my 25 minutes were still valid, or these strangers, the screen showing the adult superstore advertisements of an unfed booth video. He rubbed his crotch and watched and my current anonymous lover seemed to think this was a fine time to let go with his spunk and held my hips and held his cock deep to finish off inside me. The new guy watched the wet cock and cum slide out from me and opened his pants up and his large cock to slide out. He slid the head up my wet crack and pushed the fresh load back up inside me with the rest of his cock. He told me some about how they breed sluts like me on the road. He was younger and not fat, but I'm guessing all trucking or transport types in this venue. He swapped with the other hard guy some. More camera flashes, and a penlight to see my wet backside. some texting. no oral was to be had now as they enjoyed my open sloppy cunt. Their spanking me as they got excited and brought themselves to unload in me. They wiped up their cocks and told me another friend was coming by in half an hour or so just coming off I-80. I slid my panties off while they left. I mopped up my wet hole, still leaking more spunk. Then put them in my mouth, tasting loads of cum and my own sissy hole, and my own loads. my clit throbbed again and clench and more cum yet ran from my hole onto the bench. I knew that the I-80 was a long way north and in this time of day would be a while. I put my panties back on and my short tshirt, left me pants in my hand and walked back out to the hallway. Not knowing local law, and having an easy time figuring a local cop could find me easy on a bare highway I put my pants on to walk from the store. smiling at the clerk. Given my disarray I probably made a mental picture for this middle-aged porn store clerk. At my car I removed my pants and tossed them in the passenger seat and drove south.....